Stormdefrere Dead at Penn

5-year-old Stormdefrere, making her third start in 21 days, broke down and died in tonight’s 3rd race at Penn National. The trainer/owner who pushed the not-yet-fully-mature mare to her breaking point is Varsamis Barbalios. This is horseracing.

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  1. These trainers/owners are the bottom of the barrel. That poor mare was pushed to her death. For starters these tracks such as Penn National and night racing need to go !!
    Racing killed this young mare and stood by as she was cruelly exploited to death.

  2. What an incredibly sad and maddening way for an animal to be treated…to death…it’s just so shameful…

  3. PS People really need to start looking at what is going on. This poor mare raced mostly at night. In one of her races at Penn National she raced in dense fog !! That was on December 5th, 2013. Twelve horses started under such conditions. The comments section Just stated “dense fog” at every leg of the race. Penn National is a national disgrace.

  4. I feel so sad and sorry for all race horses. They are pushed to the death. Dense fog, rain, hot temperatures are not safe conditions for horses to race in. People know this, but, don’t care. The well-being and health of these poor horses is the lease concern to the owners, the jockies, the spectators, the media and those who live to bet on a horse on a daily basis. Nobody, is speaking up for these horses to stop this cruel race to the death. These are sad times when people consider this entertainment, watching the death of a horse. Conditions should be forced to improve, care and preparation of these race horses must be monitored by an official who represents the horse racing committee. One who will not ignore serious health conditions of the horses and penalize and deny the owners to race their horses. Until these conditions improve for the safety of the race horses, horse racing should be banned in the United States. The owners should also pay the price with imprisonment and hefty fines if they force a horse to race that they know will endanger it leading to death.

  5. Yes, the racing industry kills horses, but there is a way to STOP the atrocities. Encourage family and friends NOT to bet on the horses. Do what Pete Rose did…bet on baseball instead.

  6. U must know nothing about racing.and u must know less about loosing a mare like storm defrere.u idiot she took a bad step and lost her footing of her back leg and force her frond legs and broke .down it had nothing to do with me pushing her .she was perfectly healty and sound.I cared about that horse more than u care about yr kids. Do u undersant .and stop making. Yr idiotic comments who ever u are u dont have a clue.

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