4 Break Over the Weekend

Broken and gone from the weekend:

3-year-old gelding Jess a Speeder broke down in Friday’s 7th race at Arapahoe

5-year-old mare Berrymeaux broke down in Saturday’s 2nd race at Mountaineer

3-year-old colt Archie’s All Heart broke down in Sunday’s 4th race at Parx

4-year-old gelding Der Boss broke down in Sunday’s 2nd race at Pimlico

Here are Der Boss’ final moments. Watch as several lashes rain down just before the end (pick up around the 1:00 mark). This is horseracing.

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  1. Yes, this is horseracing and it is outrageous. What is wrong with these people ???

  2. Yes Rose, WHAT is wrong with these people?? But even more confusing to me is, WHAT is wrong with the so-called advocates that SUPPORT racing, a killing machine? How does one justify the maiming and destruction? Readers of HW see the weekly lists of horse casualties and the frequent additional reports of injured and dead horses such as these four listed here…yet still give their show of support to the industry. Mind boggling, yes…deeply disturbing, YES.

    To these precious four horses, I am so sorry your lives have been snuffed out. Thank you Patrick for acknowledging their short lives and tragic deaths.

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