Casualties, 5/26/14-6/1/14

The following racehorses were casualties on American tracks last week:

Mitch’s Halo, Les Bois, race 9, vanned off
Phonybooksnrecords, Prairie, race 6, vanned off

Silver Arch, Parx, race 7, confirmed dead

New Vogue, Les Bois, race 5, vanned off
Bakin’ With Cindy, Mountaineer, race 1, vanned off

Ravin With Roses, Arlington, race 1, vanned off
Abbys Bru, Delta, race 5, bled
Gibson Halo, Evangeline, race 4, lame, DNF

Jess a Speeder, Arapahoe, race 7, broke down
Cajun Streaker, Evangeline, race 4, “stopped suddenly,” DNF
On My Honor, Los Alamitos, race 6, vanned off
La Royal Courage, SunRay, race 4, vanned off

Midnightatmarions, Belmont, race 10, “bolted,” “went thru rail,” DNF
Senor Sligo, Belterra, race 7, vanned off
Easytoauthenticate, Evangeline, race 9, vanned off
Little Jeannie, Fairmount, race 5, “bled from both nostrils”
Sleep No More, Indiana, race 8, “stopped badly,” DNF
Berrymeaux, Mountaineer, race 2, broke down
Jaguar King, Parx, race 2, vanned off
P.A. Thunder, Parx, race 8, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Arneli Rock, Suffolk, race 1, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Ginger, Suffolk, race 1, “stumbled badly,” DNF
Rare Lukey, Suffolk, race 5, “stumbled badly,” DNF

Permit, Arlington, race 8, vanned off
Elaine’s Tenacity, Golden Gate, race 2, vanned off
Pink Gold, Lone Star, race 8, vanned off
Lubango, Monmouth, race 4, bled, DNF
Archie’s All Heart, Parx, race 4, broke down
Der Boss, Pimlico, race 2, broke down
Reno Star, Thistledown, race 7, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”

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  1. I Just learned lately, that horses are allowed to bleed from the nose, by FEI rules… I was at a show Jumping competition a few weeks back and saw, and got quite a few pictures, of a horse that left the show ring bleeding from the nose, and the Danish Equestrian Federation had this to say;

    “About the horse that bled from the nose at JBK Festival

    Kasper H. Hansen’s horse Limbo got a violent nose bleed in the 150cm class Saturday the 17th of May at JBK Horse Festival in Odense 2014, on the last obstacle. Horse and rider was met by the vet while leaving the show ring, where the bleeding was stopped during 10-15 minutes, and the horse was washed. Limbo was examined by the vet later that evening, amongst other things, with a telescope.

    The cause of the bleeding was a lung bleeding, (a ruptured vessel in the lung.) This is usually not dangerous, but horses who gets it, must of course be examined by a vet. Lung bleedings are seen in 50-60% of all thoroughbred horses, and can happen while resting as well as while in training.

    Limbo was ordered 4-5 weeks off, where it could be walked and be on its pasture. Which is why it is not appearing at next week’s DM at Absolute Horses.

    See the ride her.

    We have talked to an FEI judge about the case. He estimates that since the nosebleed was not caused by the rider having injured or in any way tried to force his horse, and since the bleeding arrived at the last obstacle, the equipage was not disqualified. If it had happened earlier, the equipage should have been halted and the horse examined, and then it should have been evaluated if the equipage could complete the round.”

    So all is fine, really… And we can just shut up now, its allowed…

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