Reflective Glory Dead at Emerald

Reflective Glory, two days past her third birthday, broke down (fractured cannon bone) in yesterday’s 6th race at Emerald. She is dead. The complicit: jockey Anne Sanguinetti, trainer Jeffrey Metz, owner Saratoga West, breeder Harris Farms, and previous trainer Sean McCarthy. Reflective Glory (below) was for sale at $2,500 the day she died.

photo credit: David Morrant
photo credit: David Morrant

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  1. This is the bottom of the claiming game. I’m also bothered a lot by what future these horses have if they do survive the brutality that is the game of claiming. This business is abominable from start to finish.
    I’m sorry they killed you, Reflective Glory. But now, none of these people can shuffle you from barn to barn as they pocket some $ at the expense of your misery.

  2. RIP sweet girl…you deserved do much better than to die in the dirt at the age of 3. Just a baby and all for the entertainment of the betting public.

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