Summa Cum Boom Dead at Parx

5-year-old Summa Cum Boom is dead after breaking down near the quarter pole of yesterday’s 3rd race at Parx. For this mostly career claimer, oblivion. The complicit: jockey Jacqueline Davis, who rode Caillech’s Quest to premature death on Sunday; trainer J Guadalupe Guerrero; owner John Loyle; breeder Ascoli Piceno Stables; and all prior connections. A note: In his penultimate start on April 22nd at Parx, Summa Cum Boom finished last of nine, some 15 lengths back. Going – and gone.

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  1. My wish is for racing to die, just like Summa Cum Boom. Also, those that bet are complicit in the deaths of these horses.

  2. Summa Cum Boom was one of the innumerable “disposable” horses raced, literally, into the ground by the unscrupulous.

    Yes, I would love racing to totally fail and be no more. However, that will not happen anytime soon, unfortunately. In the meantime, there is a desperate need to expose the blatant cruelty and lack of any rules to protect the horse from downright abuse. The drugging and the running of sore and unsound horses as well as the ugly, ugly claiming game need to be seriously reviewed and revamped. Abusers need to be banned and kept away from the horse but because of how corrupt this business is at every level it will not happen. It has to come from outside forces and it needs to be multifaceted.
    And then of course, as we all know, the best and quickest way would be if racing becomes unprofitable.

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