Lucky for You Dead at Saratoga

According to well-known equine advocate Deborah Jones, the Todd Pletcher horse who died while training Sunday at Saratoga was 3-year-old Lucky for You (below), not the previously deceased (and also Pletcher-trained) Onlyforyou. Some interesting parallels: both horses were created in Kentucky; both were fillies; both first raced at two; and both ran four times, all in-the-money. But most poignant of all, both were but adolescents when killed. This is Todd Pletcher. This is horseracing.


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  1. And both fillies had the same sire. To the racing industry, Lucky for You was just another horse…they couldn’t even get the dead filly’s name correct. Sickening.

    Smiles all around, looking at the win picture. According to some racehorse welfare advocates that ALSO support the racing industry, that’s a sign they just LOVED this little filly!…exactly like so many of these “advocates” commented over the week-end when they were cheering on California Chrome. CC’s connections love the horse, they say (and will therefore take “good care” of him, not give him drugs, and make certain he is “healthy). When asked how they would know that, well, because the owners and trainer are full of smiles and hugs for CC in all of the media coverage! Wow…truly a case of believing what one wants to believe. Again, sickening.

    Lucky for You and Onlyforyou, two literal equine babies dead for the entertainment of the betting (and non-betting) public. HOW does one justify that?!?

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