A Note on Onlyforyou

This is what currently appears on the NYS Gaming Commission’s website:

2014 – Equine Death Only
EQUINE DEATH Training 05/18/2014 Onlyforyou Saratoga Racecourse (NYRA)
Horse: Onlyforyou
Racing Type: Thoroughbred
Location/Type: Saratoga Racecourse (NYRA), 1/4 pole; Training
Date: 05/18/2014
Trainer Todd Pletcher/Horse Onlyforyou suffered a fracture to her right front leg while breezing on the training track and was euthanized.

This said, I apologize for the mistake. The horse’s name rang very familiar, but I did not go back far enough in my own posts to discover the repetition. I can only assume that another as-yet-unidentified Pletcher horse died yesterday at Saratoga; once the Gaming Commission figures it out, I will duly report. Again, I am sorry for the misinformation.

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  1. Thank you Patrick, for showing the readers of HW what it is you see. Reporting the death of Onlyforyou a second time was an honest mistake…one that most of your readers, if not all, felt confident was due to incorrect reporting by the commission.

    So is there another dead horse? Tragic, once again.

  2. NYRA has obviously made an error. Thanks for getting the information out to your readers. What is disturbing is that NYRA actually reports deaths and sometimes they can’t be accurate. Think of so many other states that don’t require the reporting of deaths or perform necropsies. So many of our horses just “disappear”.

    • Just more of so many reasons why a national commission is, and has been, soo badly needed.

      And now we will be hearing, ad nauseam, the “great debate” re the nasal strip and it’s ban in NY while it is allowed in other states. My guess is, if it comes down to the most important of all issues in this “sport”, money, NYRA will cave.

      NYRA is OK with the powerful drug, Lasix, but bans the nasal strip. Interesting logic !
      However, this is racing and there is the possibility of topical drugs in the strip…

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