Rhythm of the Moon Dead at Suffolk

I have confirmed that 5-year-old Rhythm of the Moon was killed in the 4th race at Suffolk Downs Wednesday afternoon. The complicit: jockey Eddie Jurado, trainer Jose Ortiz, owner Fortunato Marbelt, breeder Little Everglades Ranch, and all priors. Ortiz, by the way, was Rhythm’s third trainer in six weeks. Life – and death – in the claiming game.

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  1. Doesn’t it seem wrong to just remove your mistakes along with all the resulting comments? I have lost a lot of my respect for this site because of this incident. You post the death of a horse as having occurred Sunday in New York when it occurred in March in Florida and you actually reported on it at that time. Then – when the mistake is pointed out you just erase it instead of posting a mea culpa- I am not impressed. And now you will erase this post too- because you want to look like you know what you are talking about. I am looking for another site that has similar information, but with some attempt at fact checking and some sense of ethics that keep them from denying their mistakes exist.

    • Suzanne, once the mistake was brought to my attention, I immediately removed and began making phone calls. But being a Sunday, I was unable to reach anyone. That said, please see my post from this morning – “A Note on Onlyforyou.” It was an honest mistake. Given what I do, accuracy, quite obviously, is paramount. Feel free to look elsewhere, but know that I remain undeterred.

  2. Rhythm of the Moon had 19 lifetime starts. He had the same owner for the first 16. His last race for that owner was on March 30 of this year. But he was no longer wanted, so sometime between March 30 and April 16, his owner of approximately two years either sold him or gave him away. For his new owner, he ran only three times. Six weeks after his long-time owner unloaded the 5 y/o gelding, he was dead. David Fawkes also trained Rhythm of the Moon for over half of his starts.

    RIP Rhythm of the Moon. You were treated like nothing more than a used deck of cards. Oh I know, I know…racing is a business. Heartless.

  3. No business and no money can justify such cruelty and indifference to any sentient being. This horse racing, in particular, the claiming game and all the abomination it embodies, should never be tolerated in a civilized society.
    Now we are hearing all the hoopla re the triple crown. People with any compassion should follow the careers of the losers of these high profile races. They might be surprised at how these horses fare in this illustrious business !!!

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