Casualties, 5/5/14-5/11/14

The following racehorses were casualties on American tracks last week:


The Commerce Comet, Will Rogers, race 2, vanned off

Tazman Green, Charles Town, race 1, vanned off
Our Painted Veil, Indiana, race 3, “bled outwardly”
Ardency, Suffolk, race 6, “returned bleeding from the nostrils”

Summer in Bali, Belmont, race 2, vanned off
Ravens Terms, Charles Town, race 5, “came back bleeding from the nose”
A Noble Calling, Evangeline, race 10, vanned off
It’s Too Easy, Lone Star, race 7, vanned off
Sofos Quick Logic, Santa Anita, race 2, “bleeding from the nostrils,” vanned off
Nightfall, Santa Anita, race 5, broke down

Paco Smart, Charles Town, race 8, vanned off
Humor Me Doc, Gulfstream, race 1, vanned off
Looks Like a Saint, Indiana, race 6, broke down
Turbalo, Lone Star, race 7, vanned off
Brighterthanthesun, Los Alamitos, race 4, vanned off
Mad Magic, Pimlico, race 1, broke down
Miss Hard Ten, Pimlico, race 5, fell, DNF
Curl Del Rey, Remington, race 9, vanned off
Jess a Charmer, Sam Houston, race 3, vanned off
Kitellas Gal, SunRay, race 4, vanned off
A Dash of Classs, SunRay, race 6, fell, DNF
Movin Maxine, SunRay, race 8, vanned off
Looch’s Only Son, Thistledown, race 6, fell, DNF

Ashley’s Posse, Belterra, race 1, “in distress,” vanned off
Molly Z, Churchill, race 10, vanned off
Houdini’s Muse, Evangeline, race 9, vanned off
Aztec Secret, Louisiana, race 3, confirmed dead
Molotof, Percy Warner, race 7, vanned off
Here Comes Mikey, Pimlico, race 1, vanned off
Gigi’s Alina, Prairie, race 5, “in distress,” vanned off
Gameboy Luke, Santa Anita, race 4, confirmed dead

Rohver Girl, Parx, race 1, “in apparent distress,” vanned off
Joduku, Sam Houston, race 6, vanned off
Tiz Molly, Santa Anita, race 8, hit gate, vanned off
Mr Lemon Tree, Santa Anita, race 9, vanned off

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  1. And that is just for one week. Also, along with all that suffering there are the horses that just “disappear”.

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