Caverna Dead at Beulah

Yesterday in Ohio, “The Sport of Kings” was a five-horse $2,500 claiming race worth $3,000. And now we learn that one of the five, 6-year-old Caverna, never made it out of the arena alive – catastrophic condylar fracture, gone. The jockey was Edgar Paucar; the trainer, Eduardo Caramori; the owner, Equinox; and the breeder, Bobby McIntyre.

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  1. Caverna never should have been forced to race. The horse was reluctant to load. I suppose the lure of a quick buck, or possibly a claim, was just too much to pass up. RIP sweet boy….

  2. Rest in peace, dear Caverna. I never knew you, but feel so bad that you were forced to do this.

  3. I’m so sorry Caverna had to endure such cruelty. And as we well know, if these low level claimers, and even those at the higher end, manage to survive the vast majority then have to endure the torture that is to come in the slaughter pipeline.
    The sport of kings has sunk to the lowest level imaginable !

  4. Caverna, rest in peace. It always made me sick to watch a horse that didn’t want to load but was made to. And then to have that horse break his leg during the race he was trying desperately to avoid?…I am so sorry, Caverna…they didn’t listen and didn’t care.

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