Cuban Devil Dead at Atlantic City

5-year-old Cuban Devil died in the 5th race at Atlantic City last night. His last six starts prior to Sunday – all under trainer/owner Bryant Taylor:

12/30/13, claiming race at Parx, 10th of 11
01/12/14, claiming race at Parx, last of 7, 37 3/4 lengths back
01/27/14, claiming race at Parx, 8th of 11
02/25/14, claiming race at Parx, 9th of 12
03/22/14, claiming race at Parx, last of 8
04/12/14, claiming race at Parx, last of 9

In total, the hapless gelding earned $1500 for Taylor over those six races – $250 each time out. Mr. Taylor, this horse was abused to death. The other complicit connections: jockey Jason Nguyen, breeders Stephen Quick/Donald Schmidt/WynOaks Farm, and all who once had a hand in Cuban Devil’s servitude. For shame.

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  1. Cuban Devil I’m so sorry for the abuse you suffered. How can anybody defend this horrible exploitation ?

  2. PS I noticed a horse called Ballybrit had 4 starts in 37 days, a race every 9 days. That is how the claiming game works in order to make money on your gamble/investment ! Sick !

  3. The same thing happened to Barboura several years ago. I spelled his name wrong. RIP Cuban Devil and all the other Horses. Human Race is sick.

  4. Mr. Taylor…nearly last, last, nearly last, nearly last, last, last…REALLY?!?!?

    Cuban Devil, your abuse is finally over. How TRAGIC that your DEATH was what it took to end it. RIP…WE care and you will not be forgotten.

  5. Another clear example of legislation (national or local) needed to protect these non-competitors.

  6. Take a look at a 2011 mare named Quiet Elite, running at Mahoning Valley. Her breeder/owner/trainer, Jim Rankin.

    Six of her 26 races have been run since January 18.

    1/18/2016 – 6th
    1/25/2016 – 7th
    3/7/2016 – 5th
    3/16/2016 -5th
    3/28/2016 – 1st
    4/18/2016- 1st (Claimed for $7500 by Richard T. Vickers, trainer; Paul Grove, owner.)

  7. Humans are cruel and our poor horses trust the humans too much and pay with their life.

  8. Yes Tonya some humans are cruel.
    To me, this is a sad reflection on our society as a whole. For heaven’s sake we are living in the 21st century. Have we not learned anything?
    To any sane, compassionate, and relatively intelligent person how can anybody continue to support this cruelty circus?
    You would have to be either incredibly dump, heartless, evil and/or masochistic to support this antiquated hell hole for horses.

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