Marcelino Springs Dead at Golden Gate

I was able to confirm that 4-year-old Marcelino Springs, who was reported as broke down/vanned off yesterday at Golden Gate (race 8), is dead. The complicit connections: jockey Catalino Martinez, trainer Doug Utley, owner John Battle, breeder Russell Drake.

To those who wager on horseracing, we implore you to reconsider. And ultimately, you hold all the cards: no more bets, no more races; no more races, no more kills. And – no more separating foals and moms, no more abusing unformed bodies, no more confining, no more whipping, no more drugging, no more doping, no more buying and selling and trading and dumping. No more auctions, no more kill-buyers, no more transport trucks, no more abattoirs. No more pain, no more suffering. No more.


In a landscape that abounds with other gambling options – real sports involving autonomous human beings, casinos, lotteries – hasn’t the time at long last arrived to let the racing horse be? You, the bettor, have within the capacity for mercy. We ask only that you exercise it. Please. For the horses.

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  1. Yes, Patrick, those who bet are complicit in the abuse of racehorses. Most do NOT have the capacity to be merciful because, if they did, they would have stopped being part of the vicious cycle long ago.

  2. I am so sad to read this. I followed him because I grew up with a horse named Marcelino, and he was the best boy. Damn,

  3. Was this a race on Saturday? Was the horse limping on the right hind at the end of the race? My sister was there and told me about a horse. But she didn’t know the name…

  4. PLEASE no more pain! Marcelino Springs, only 4 years old and now DEAD so people could gamble and be entertained. I wonder about the people that are around when these tiny TB foals are born…they excitement they must feel over the new, little life…do they also consider what lies ahead for these innocent ones?

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