Casualties, 4/7/14-4/13/14

The following racehorses were casualties on American tracks last week:

Stormin Warlord, Turf, race 9, vanned off

Twobyfour, Beulah, race 8, vanned off
Are We There Yet, Mountaineer, race 3, vanned off
Revvy, Sunland, race 2, bled
Una Parche, Sunland, race 6, vanned off
Monkey Wench, Turf, race 5, vanned off

Mikalas Mission, Evangeline, race 5, vanned off
Casey’s On Call, Hawthorne, race 2, confirmed dead

Kaitlyns Cat, Aqueduct, race 2, “fell heavily,” vanned off
Intimate Storm, Pimlico, race 3, “returned bleeding”
Ashtar, Santa Anita, race 3, vanned off

Not a Word, Aqueduct, race 9, vanned off
Mongol Ring, Calder, race 1, vanned off
She’s Gosphel, Penn, race 6, vanned off
Mass Destruction, Pimlico, race 4, vanned off
Esperance, Sam Houston, race 2, bled
Exclusive Girl, Santa Anita, race 8, “returned bleeding in the mouth”
Grand Flame, Sunland, race 9, fell, DNF

Forty Four Loco, Charles Town, race 1, vanned off
Smart Sequoyah, Charles Town, race 6, vanned off
Thatsthewayweroll, Emerald, race 2, vanned off
Famous Gent, Fonner, race 6, vanned off
Successful Bluff, Golden Gate, race 5, vanned off
Champagne Sipper, Lone Star, race 4, “reluctant,” “urged along,” “in distress,” vanned off
High Ransom, Oaklawn, race 7, vanned off
Ivebeensaved, Parx, race 6, confirmed dead
Idle Spur, Pimlico, race 2, “returned bleeding from both nostrils”

Alondra Sky, Gulfstream, race 4, broke down
Street Stuff, Parx, race 1, vanned off
Caramuru, Santa Anita, race 1, vanned off
Cinco Dash, Sunland, race 2, vanned off
Long to Win, Tampa Bay, race 9, vanned off

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  1. I am incredibly enraged and horribly saddened each week that I read these casualties. I find it unbelievable that this maiming and destruction of sentient beings continues in a “civilized” nation under the guise of sport.

    Champagne Sipper’s comments are heartbreaking…”reluctant to load”…but of course, she was forced to do so, and after the race she was pulled up in distress and vanned off. She is only 3 years old and this was her first race. So I just called Lone Star Park (972-263-7223) to check on her condition – alive or dead – and I spoke with three people (all three seemed taken aback and put off) before being connected with their director of racing, Bart Lang…not the person I wanted but he was all that was “available”…and I had to leave a message.

    To the 32 horses listed above, I hope SOMEONE has your best interests at heart and will do the right thing. It’s a long shot that it will be someone who was hoping to profit from your efforts.

  2. Champagne Sipper has suffered a bowed tendon according to Bart Lang. Three years old, her first race, and she is already injured. Her future is uncertain. THREE YEARS OLD.

  3. To clarify…autocorrect changed “famous” to infamous. Go for Wand and Eight Belles were certainly NOT infamous. Now those responsible for their welfare?…

  4. I go to this site each week hoping there is no list,but that’s never gonna happen. It’s just a matter if how many will be on the list. It’s something we all need to know.

    • I agree, David Juffet. I actually dread opening the e-mail, but now that we know, we may not turn away.

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