Ivebeensaved Dead at Parx

The summary of 2-year-old Ivebeensaved’s fatal ride yesterday afternoon at Parx:

“…clipped the heels of Over My Head and fell heavily to the ground. Despite immediate and prolonged intervention on the part of track veterinarians, [her] injuries were obviously catastrophic and she was humanely euthanized.”

It’s as if Parx seeks credit for its extraordinary measures and “humane” final act. But the truth is, this was a wanton destruction of life. Horseracing killed this poor young creature; scorn, not commendation, is what’s warranted.

Ivebeensaved was ridden by Josiah Hampshire, trained by Ronald Dandy, and owned by Tedston Holder. This was her eighth race.

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  1. Yes she was just three. She had raced five times as a two year old and this was her third race for this year, poor baby. The irony of her name should not allude anyone.

  2. She died before her 3rd birthday. In addition this filly started, on average, every 14.5 days. That is very hard on a young developing horse. In fact it is cruel.

  3. Makes me sick. I too noticed the irony of her name. Wow, Rose, I hadn’t calculated her starts. Cruel, indeed, I agree.

  4. Ivebeensaved wasn’t saved. In fact, she was destroyed by the racing industry. When will these atrocities stop? Only when racing goes away forever. Please don’t bet on the horses or the dogs, for that matter. Do what Pete Rose did – bet on baseball.

  5. ANOTHER horse destroyed by this monstrous industry…and a baby, at that. What IS IT that keeps those who claim to love the horses supporting this gambling industry? Those folks are responsible for incredible damage.

    RIP Ivebeensaved. We know you lived and died enslaved by an industry that never valued you for simply what you were. Some of us reading here mourn your tragic death, and we will not forget you.

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