Clawback, Corvo Dead in NY

Clawback, a 4-year-old colt, was euthanized today at Aqueduct after he was found lying in his stall unable to stand. For trainer David Jacobson (who claimed Clawback back in December), this makes 11 NY deaths since 2009. Clawback ran nine times, all under trainer Richard Violette and owners Klaravich Stables/William Lawrence.

Also today, a 12-year-old gelding named Corvo was found dead in his Belmont stall “due to colic of approximately one week.” It appears that the 73-start veteran was retired, having last raced in 2011. Why, then, was he stabled at Belmont? But more importantly, why was a suffering horse left unattended? The trainer of record is Michelle Nevin.

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  1. One track out of over 100. What is going on all over the country? Aqueduct and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association made much ado when the track was one of the few “accredited” by the NTRA. Where is the NTRA Alliance now? In my experience in racehorse rescue, it is not unusual for horses to be left in pain languishing in stalls without veterinary attention or medication and sometimes without even being fed. And this is the same industry that wants us to believe they operate by “Putting the horse first”.

  2. How outrageous. These poor animals are victims of every form of abuse and the “officials” do nothing. Somehow, someway their feet need to be held to the fire.
    I recently sent an inquiry to the NYRA re any rules to do with time between races. I cited the David Jacobson mare, Mess in a Dress, claimed by him on 21 March at Aqueduct and entered in a race barley 3 days after she was claimed. The answer I got was in, essence, what one would expect from a seasoned politician…a sort of “it all depends” ! There are no rules, per se. The answer should have been “NO” and then the explanation of the “conditions” under which the horse could be entered. Which, by the way, means nothing in terms of looking out for the horse. What a surprise !!!
    People need to let the lofty NYRA know people are paying attention

    • PS Corvo had 20 starts in 2011, the last year he raced ! No limits on how often the horse starts each year. You know that horse had to hurting which often brings on colic.

  3. This was a really nice colt. It is a shame he is gone. May he RIP. Davidson claimed him for 50,000 and never raced him once. It looks like he was aiming to put him in something other than claiming races. I wonder what happened. Very sad :(

    • Jacobson breezed Clawback several times starting in Feb. His breezes were not very good. The last breeze was four furlongs on 3/23 and the time was 52.66. I too wonder what happened to the 4 yr. old son of Put It Back. Will it ever be known ??

  4. The necropsy on Clawback showed EHV-1 and the entire barn is now under quarantine.

    Just FYI, Corvo was a stable pony, which is why he was stabled at Belmont.

    • The cause of death has yet to be determined. NYRA’s chief vet Dr. Anthony Verderosa: “There are multiple tests being done. On the initial reports they sent back, ‘the presence of very low amounts of EHV-1 in one of the samples.’ The other samples were negative.”

  5. Your story above concerning “Corvo” at best lacks “journalist integrity” and at worst lacks “fact checking” in its most minimalistic form. The author should be ashamed !!! Lets see where do I start…with the RIDICULOUS comment of “the last time he raced was 2011 what was he doing on the backside of Belmont”? He was a stable pony and a very well cared for one at that. Do you really think if he was suffering for AN ENTIRE WEEK COLICING as you so eloquently put it NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON would of reported his suffering FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. Please do some fact checking before you find yourself help criminally liable for slander and liable. The only two things you got factually correct is his name and that he was found dead in his stall. You know NOTHING of the FACTS but choose to type YOUR VERSION OF EVENTS!!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!! I hope this fringe website an obvious extension of PETA chooses it words and stories and the details of more selectively. Corvo was an amazing racehorse and was well respected by MANY MANY people. He racing live was one that was something to be honored he loved his job. He was is NO WAY ABUSED,NEGLECTED, OR ABANDONED. He was respected for the champion he was. We are extremely saddened by his death and I mean extremely so before you feel the need to bash people and MAKE UP PURE FICTION get your story straight or stay off your keyboard and no where near a laptop!!!! You the author and your minions who feel free to comment on a horse they did not know, people and circumstances they do not know keep your feelings to yourself. YOU KNOW NOTHING of what an honor it was to have Corvo. This website is an absolute travesty to horses never mind racehorses. You the author are a disgrace and have made a tragic death of a dearly loved animal even more hurtful and have added insult to injury. I hope you sleep well tonight knowing that your caused all the people deeply saddened by Corvo’s death an unwarranted and un needed amount of additional sadness. Sleep on that !!!!

    • First, I didn’t have to publish your comment, but I did. So, this site is not mere propaganda. Second, the information on Corvo came from the Gaming Commission, and according to them, he had been suffering from colic for a week before turning up dead, unattended.

    • Yes Corvo was so dearly loved while he was claimed over and over and started 20 times in 2011. He was 9 yrs. old and running in cheap claimers. He was a survivor, but it did catch up with him.
      PS I think the lady doth protest too much

      • Even more reason to respect him as a racehorse is that fact he ran until he was 9 Ms. Smith. Who had control over how many times he was claimed in his life? Should he not have been respected or loved for his past raving career before being a stable pony? Should he of been cast away because of his cheap claiming history at the end of his racing career? Not used as a stable pony? You sound even more ludacris than I think you actually are aware of. Who has control over an ex racehorses past when they obtain the post racing career ?

        • You are deluded. And by the way, stable ponies are also part of racing’s exploitation. So I’m not interested in how “deeply saddened” you and the other “connections” are.

  6. Starting a 9 year old horse 20 times in one year is just wrong. It is one more example of how the horse is exploited in this business. It could be termed ludicrous were it not so sad.

  7. I would imagine Corvo was used as a pony but I can’t believe a horse was allowed to suffer for a week with colic. That in itself is cruelty.

  8. “Not interested in how deeply saddened they are”. What you are interested in is how many comments you get. Hence shutting your other blog down because the “Wonderful People” didn’t comment. Might be a little hypocritical of them to comment on that page.
    Comments, not horses is the flavor of things. If not why have you neglected the two event horse deaths last week at The Fork?? That’s right eventers are the good people, race trackers are bad.
    Second time a lead pony has been mentioned in here in the last couple of months but it would be in bad taste to include event horses??
    HORSE RACING where all the hip “Activists” are making a name for THEMSELVES!!!

    Jenn1120, we are just fueling their fire. The more we say the more others respond and at the end of the day that is what they want…

      • Patrick I know where your posts are. As I told you before I read most of what you write. What I can find anyway.

        My question has always been, how can your loyal following be such great people when some of them are: Meat eaters, leather wearers, won’t be seen in public with out makeup, drink milk, eat eggs, own pets and breed animals, but if anyone has anything to do with horse racing they are horrible people??? Your logic is flawed. I could be a person that does none of the aforementioned but works at the track and be horrible. When the others are do everything but work at the track and are wonderful.

        These hand full of comments mean that much to you that you would give them a pass on all the rest?? Don’t sell out like that Patrick you are better then that…

  9. Thank you Another Country 2 for your comments I appreciate it. These people are insane and print a story with a “shred” of truth it is a disgrace. I know Corvo was loved and the circumstances that concerned his death. Is it tragic? Yes extremely. Did he suffer for a week with colic “unattended”? Absolutely LAUGHABLE!! Any horseman know NO horse would survive for a week colicing. I learned that when I was 7 in 4-H. People that are clear misinformed and UN knowledge “wanna be horseman” are the most dangerous of them all. Where were the people that run this sight when 15 horses coliced at Tampa IN ONE DAY a couple months ago? 13 survived 2 died. There I did your “job” for you!! LOL

  10. There are many, many cases of abuse and cruelty that never come to light in this subculture. Here people are able to see the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”.
    The business is fragmented in terms of rules and regulations and riddled with corruption at every level. Any safeguards for the horse are, at best, minimal, but mainly nonexistent.

  11. To Jen Kellogg and jenn1120 (one in the same?);

    So you claim Corvo was RESPECTED by those in the industry?…and who are you trying to convince of that? Corvo made over 288K for his connections yet he was dropped to 4K claiming races at Finger Lakes?…are you SERIOUS? It just amazes me what the racing folks claim as truths…yea right, this “much-loved and respected” gelding was dropped-kicked to the bottom and left unprotected for the scum that even those in racing admit are present to snatch up. Right…

    It always makes me especially sick to see a racehorse having to stay in racing’s enslavement by being made to labor on as a pony. I saw those used-up horses, too, on the backside…year after year, living in a stall…their joints continuing to deteriorate…their lives cut short, as well, due to the unnatural living conditions horses in the industry are forced to endure.

    Another “truth” you claim and I would like to address is this, your statement: “any horseman know NO horse would survive a week colicing” (sic). Yes, they can, and all the while suffering a great deal. Case in point, the 5-year-old horse Naseer Spirit. This horse of Shahab Pattah’s was taken from the track directly to Michigan State University’s Large Animal Clinic after SUFFERING for TWELVE DAYS with colic! For TWELVE days he waited in his stall for someone to help him…the “race trackers” walked past him day and day after day, and NOT ONE of them spoke up for him. It was our rescue that ultimately helped him…we were the ones who stood at the end of his lead when he was humanely euthanized at MSU. You can find Naseer Spirit on Exhibit 2 of the documentation we provided to the 2008 Congressional hearing entitled “Breeding, Drugs, and Breakdowns: The State of Thoroughbred Horseracing and the Welfare of the Thoroughbred Racehorse”.

    If you don’t like the facts reported here, one of those facts being Corvo suffered with colic for a week before he finally died (alone), I suggest you take that up with the Gaming Commission.

    RIP Corvo, dead at only 12 years of age after a life no horse should be made to endure. Unlike you, Jen/jenn, I find nothing “LAUGHABLE” about his suffering and death.

  12. Oh yes Joy horse racing advocacy won’t bebtge same without you and Ms. Smith’s invaluable knowledge!!! LMFAO!!!! you two clowns have MADE our day !!!

  13. Shocking that a horse that had col iced for 12 days would even need a “lead” attached to it to euthanize it. Sounds toe if it was sick enough to be euthanized after 12 days of colic if was healthy enough to stand and stay standing. Hmmmm….curious where the owner/trainer and people who walked by day after day for 12 days ruled off,suspended or fined?

  14. “Healthy” enough to stand?…have YOU had personal interaction with horses? It’s common knowledge a horse will do whatever it takes to stay on his/her feet…Go for Wand?…Eight Belles?…recall either of those infamous and ill-fated fillies?

    Secondly…have you stood with a horse during euthanasia (something tells me I think not…)? Here’s a pointer for if you ever do…have a lead and don’t simply hold his/her halter, unless you don’t mind going down with the horse and possibly under him/her, as well. And no, no fines or suspensions were issued. Typical.

    And finally, you’ve shown yourself to respond as the racing enthusiasts always do.

  15. Joy Eaten Mr. Pattah was never fined,suspended or ruled off OR lost any racing priveledges in the state of Michigan OR ANY ITHER STATE for abusing ANY HORSE. Now don’t you think if a horse in his care col iced for 12 solid days to the point of euthanasia he would be held criminally responsible or sanctioned by the race track or be issued a summons my an animal court judge? Will your answer be a reply of “we tried no one would listen” because clearly you said you used as a court exhibit. The people you spoke to about the 12 day colic must be the same people that where in charge of the care of Corvo? There is a website that show every SINGLE ruling ANY person on a racetrack has EVER received. Mr. Pattah hasn’t received a ruling since 2011. He received 2 in Michigan in 2010 neither for abuse both for overage of Bute. I know I know I can hear it now ” he dopes horses so they can run while crippled blah blah blah. The running “theme” lack if FACTS!!

    • To be VERY clear for you, jenn1120…and I quote you; “clearly you said you used as a court exhibit”…OK, how about YOU go back to MY comment where I “CLEARLY” said I used a COURT exhibit…then you quote MY statement where I used those words – “COURT EXHIBIT” – in your next comment here….

      OK, so now that you have CLEARLY misspoken, just who is spewing untruths as truths??

      And yes!…Pattah has (and likely still does) run injured horses. Interesting how you already knew that. Check out the true accounts on Shedrow Secrets here at Horseracing Wrongs…Shahab Pattah’s horses will soon have their factual stories written and available for reading soon.

  16. OK now Joy you’ve switched gears from comics” to “breakdowns” not to mention “breakdowns” that happened MANY years ago. I was stabled next to Larry Jones and his wife at Del ware Park for an entire year he is the utmost in professionalism and top notch care of his horses. Mr. Jones and his wife where shattered by that horses death go on Sports Illustrated’s Vault website and read the stories concerning that horses death and how many peoples lives where touched by that filly. I also knew Eight Belles groom and how crushed the entire stable was by her passing. Please keep to people you know personally that abused horses and make SURE you have facts yo back up irresponsible acts performed by those people relating in a death. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here Joy and to all the other CLEARLY misinformed follows of this sight but horse racing isn’t going anywhere no matter how high or how loud you scream from your soap box. Is it a perfect sport by no means it is just like boxing,hockey,football or every other world wide sport that has sudden injury.

  17. I have put 4 horses down in my life Joy. I put one down from comic this past October. After spending 18 hours with the vet to save him. I made the call “enough was enough”. A horse that euthanized you would NEVER end up underneath or”go down with” they are dead before they hit the ground if done correctly. Something tells me this was your first. Anyway I didn’t hear in your rebuttal anything about the horse colicing for 12 days and the facts I’ve provided you with? Last I checked this discussion wants about where or how to stand when euthanasia is taking place.

    • Oh good god, I was going to be done here today and then I read of the FOUR (wow, how lucky to only have been involved with only four) euthanasia experiences you’ve dealt with. And I quote; “they are dead before they hit the ground if done correctly”…yikes, still doing it the “old” way. I’m so sorry for those four horses.

      And how about you quote my comment where I “clearly” stated I used a COURT exhibit?…I didn’t think so.

      It’s Shahab PATTAH, not PADDAH.

  18. I had no idea who Mr. paddah was until mentioned him. I looked up his rulings to make sure I had my facts correct before I spoke. I was curious by him having a horse colic for 12 days, clearly he would have had some ramifications for such irresponsible behavior or it was a story such as corvo’s that had a “shred” of truth. I was correct. I don’t know that MrPaddah runs horses crippled I never heard of him til I read your post I did know when I mentioned he only had 2 rulings in Michigan for overages of Bute your response would be “he runs crippled horses”. Poof I was right. Clearly you have never worked at racetrack thank god for that. Kudos for you for working at a rescue because that’s where you belong.

  19. And a final note today for you, jenn1120…and I am assuming you know of Bill Casner…his words concerning this great “sport” you and your wallet so greedily defend:

    “This morning I viewed with revulsion the video posted by PETA. The cold hard fact is that it is a snapshot of how so many racehorses are managed. Our industry is permeated with those who have no regard for the welfare of the horse nor understanding of the growing negative perception of horse racing. The horse becomes only a tool for fulfilling their own agendas of WIN AT ALL COSTS. Until our value system changes and horses are treated like the living, breathing, majestic animals that they are, we will continue to diminish as an industry until we no longer exist.

    Most trainers have little or no investment in the horses they train, whether it is financial or emotional. They will run red light after red light in pushing that horse until it fails and then they will call the owner and spin him a story. Every vet will tell you that 90% of the major injuries have an existing underlying pathology that precedes the eventual failure yet those trainers will tell the owner that the horse “just took a bad step” and “that’s horse racing.” And what is sad is that most owners will accept it as the gospel.”

    You can read his entire piece here…

    To end on Mr. Casner’s words; “Our industry is PERMEATED with those who have NO REGARD for the welfare of the horse”…

  20. Couldn’t agree more with Mr.Casner’s words. I watch it EVERY day. I have two trainers right now that are stabled in my barn that give deplorable care of there horses. It makes me nauseaus to walk by there stalls day after day. I know Corvo and I knew the death of him and the toll it took on those who loved him myself included. I know the circumstances around his death. I know my horses and they arent run into to the ground or run crippled. I know the sport needs cleaning up just like any sport. Lance Armstrong and Michael Vick ring a bell? Go chase the NFL for giving a CONVICTED dog fighter a million $ contract after his release from prison. I will GUARANTEE YOU he wouldn’t have been allowed back on a racetrack after his release from prison if he where a horse trainer.

  21. Yes joy we do it the “old way” on the racetrack we use a gun. You my dear have gone completely around the bend. Anyone who has been around a horse euthanized will tell you the virtual the second of the two part injection will stop there heart before the hit the ground. Sorry joy your wrong again dear. Don’t feel sorry for those horses feel sorry that you are a misinformed horse person. Not only are you misinformed about the euthanasia process clearly think you would ” end up underneath one” . Now that was funny I can’t apologize for your humor.

  22. I worked the starting gate for years and have held more than I would like to say. Horses are NOT dead by the time they hit the ground. Paralyzed yes. Dead no. The first shot drops them and would kill them in time if left to do so,but the second shot puts them away.
    Casner?? Nice theory but like most it would never work. Why have a trainer at all if they have to ask an owner what to do every time a horse farts???
    Jenn take everything you hear in here with a grain of salt. Everyone is a “One Upper”. They have seen more then anyone. 5 days colic, no 12 days. Comes from the same person that said “trainers don’t claim from other trainers stabled at the same tracks”. That all started when another person claimed trainers stick together and only sell horses to other trainers. You know all trainers have each others back. LOL Only time most have your back is to sneak up on you and cut your throat.
    They are well schooled with backside policy. One lady said she knew all about the backside, she had a racing commissioner rider her around once…

    Jenn this is a dead end fight. They have their hands firmly over their eyes and only want to believe what they want to believe, and there is no reason for the truth to get in the way…

  23. “They have their hands firmly over their eyes and only want to believe what they want to believe, and there is no reason for the truth to get in the way”. You must be looking in the mirror !!
    Further, deriding people and being rude does nothing to enhance one’s position on issues.

  24. Very nice Joy. I agree with most of your comment. Also I have said before I am glad there are people out there, like yourself, that do help animals in need.

    You are absolutely correct in saying there are different value systems. It not only pertains to animal management but everything in life. Work ethic, hygiene, etc. In reading your comment I can somewhat relate to the child dropping off horses to the auction as I am the kid that was raised on the backside. I was the 10yo hot walker/stall catcher with little to no parental guidance.Being there at a young I was taught by the old timers the correct way to take care of animals (racetrack correct) unlike most of the people now. They eat before you eat, you wash them with a bucket and sponge not a hose, and things like that. The first horse I took care of broke down at the ripe old age of 9 years old 5 lengths in front. He ran for 7 years winning 1 out of every 3 starts and on the board 2 out of every 3.The epitome of the word “Race Horse”. He also had a “Pin” in his cannon bone from a previous injury. So for me it was baptism by fire. Not the greatest experience for a 11-12 year old child. I have my horror story too..

    I guess people would think that would make me despise horse racing. It really has not. (Value system) I could tell you how his connections were the salt of the earth, but would not expect anyone else to see it that way.

    I understand you wish to inform the uninformed. Respectfully I believe you are showing half the coin. I feel I am trying to show the other side. (maybe not always so respectfully) Example: The horse colicing for a week. It is made for people to believe that the horse was down thrashing and everyone just paid him no mind. I was not there but find it very hard to believe that is the case. Most likely he twisted gut and was walked, oiled, medicated and everything else needed to try to remedy the situation. If the trainer would stand idly by and allow a horse to suffer others in the barn will not. These are people that every waking moment revolves around horses. If a horse is sick they know it. They are not weekend warriors or backyard owners.

    Trying to shorten this up. Two main things that bother me about blogs like this: First the “Shock Value”. Granted some parts are shocking, but to make every death a circus act is grandstanding, for lack of a better word. Horses colic, they get twisted guts, they run into things, they break bones, on the race track and away from the track. (I do not believe in the proverbial hole in the track) Some death are distinctive to racing some are not. Secondly: The audacity to claim someone is a bad person simply for being involved in horse racing. It has been said that no matter what you do if you are into racing you can not be a good person. (Paraphrasing of course) That to me is ludicrous. Yes there are some horrible, horrible people in this business, but the same goes for every other business. You can’t point out a business and say “There are the good people”. Nowhere. Not police, teachers, doctors, clergy, politicians and certainly not equine rescues. Some of the seediest people I know claim to rescue thoroughbreds. If we gauge peoples “Goodness” on kill rates the kids at the county and state fair have to be the worst humans of all time. They hug and kiss on their animals then at the end of the week sell them for meat.(Values) Peta is big in horse racing news right now. Approximately 35-40 million dollars a year donated to them and the have a kill rate of animals of some say 90%. Great people make the decisions of where that money goes I am sure.
    Don’t lump everyone in with the “Big Box” stables.

    I am not claiming that I am a good person. I may be the worst. I personally own zero animals. If I did own anything I believe the last thing would be a horse.To be very honest I have learned that I am not that fond of them. Also I do not like goats, cows, sheep, mainly any live stock. But in saying that I would not and have not stood around and allow them to be mistreated.

    In closing I have to say I only really dislike one person that comments in here. That person is I guess a semi regular. I have the right to dislike someone if I want to. Joy you are not that person. Believe it or not I respect for you and others in here. Funny way of showing it I know. We are just heads and tails of a coin. Not the same coin of course. Mine has been passed around and abused a lot more then yours I am sure….

  25. Mr. Another Country 2, I hesitated to respond to your posts because I know it is fruitless to “engage” you and, furthermore, none of us even happens to know who you are. You are Mr. Anonymous so I have found it best to at least try to ignore your posts. However, I have a real problem with those that try to twist and spin the truth and seem to focus on lying about what I have said or what others have said. I personally find it repulsive, so here goes.

    You state “They are well schooled with backside policy. One lady said she knew all about the backside, she had a racing commissioner rider her around once”. I assume you meant “ride” rather than “rider”, but, nonetheless, I know you are referring to me. Why do you insist on twisting and spinning the truth? I NEVER said that a “racing commissioner” rode me around once on the backside of a low level track here in Ohio. I did say that I was in the SUV of a “racing official” last August as we rode around the backside of the track in order for him to take me to see horses that needed to get off the track fast. There were 6 horses that had to be GONE. The “racing official” was NOT the racing commissioner but I would like to challenge you and ask you to copy and paste what I have said on another Horseracing Wrongs story and then post it here. Just to bring you up to speed, a “racing official” can mean a “racing secretary” or it can mean a “racing steward”, etc. I have never met the “racing commissioners” here in Ohio although I have spoken to two of them on the phone – Mr. Bill Crawford and Mr. Greg Veit (pronounced long “I”). Therefore, your attempt at “grandstanding” is just your attempt to diminish what I have said and simply isn’t true. I have to chuckle when you have the audacity to criticize my experiences at the track because I seem to know everything there is to know after having been driven around the backside “once”. Sometimes I wish it was only once! No, Mr. AC 2, I have spent YEARS on the backside of the track trying to help the horses, people and the cats. I have taken food to the people living in their trucks. I have bought horses from the individuals who owned them to keep them from being handed off for slaughter and have also been involved in spay/neuter programs to help the cats at the track. So, if you get your “rocks off” trying to put me down, knock yourself out. Your credibility should be questioned!!

    Finally, you state the proverbial…”They have their hands firmly over their eyes and only want to believe what they want to believe…” I have stated this repeatedly but will try, ONCE AGAIN, to clear up any confusion you might have. Years ago, just like Joy, I did have my hands firmly over my eyes. I wanted to believe that racing was a beautiful sport and the horses were well treated. However, I had a problem with the fact that I always felt I had to say a prayer when the gates flew open. I would breathe a sigh of relief when all the horses finished in one piece. Over time, I began to realize that something just wasn’t right. I never prayed that all the baseball players would finish in one piece when I attended Cincinnati Reds games years ago. When my college friend ran track, I never prayed that she would finish in one piece, either. Therefore, my hands that were “firmly over my eyes” began to slip so that I did begin to see the atrocities that occur every day at every track in this country. Once I started experiencing what really goes on behind closed doors (just to be clear, closed doors refers to the public not having a clue as to what really goes on – the “secrets” in racing), I began to speak out against the racing industry. I have a list of horses that have disappeared off the backside of the track. I have taken horses off the track that were racing with slab fractures. People should be “shocked” at what happens to these wonderful creatures when they break down or can no longer pay their way and most can’t pay their way at the lower level tracks.

    Finally, you are, once again, babbling about kids at the county fair who send their animals off for slaughter. Does that nauseate me? Yes, it does, but this blog isn’t about “Fair Animals Who Get Sent To Slaughter”. The title is Horseracing WRONGS – NOT Horseracing Rights. If it makes you unhappy that people post here who are AGAINST horseracing, then start another blog about people who run their hands lovingly up and down the legs of their horses and give them peppermints. I am NOT trying to change your impression of horseracing and I certainly hope you aren’t trying to change mine. I find it more beneficial to educate those people who are still “clueless” when it comes to what really happens behind closed doors. I can’t tell you how shocked people are when I tell them that 70% of the foal crop will eventually end up on the slaughterhouse floor. I personally think you have described yourself perfectly when you stated that “they have their hands firmly over their eyes and only want to believe what they want to believe, and there is no reason for the truth to get in the way”. The truth is that VERY few of the horses in racing are treated like they should be treated. Yes, things are better at the upper level tracks but most tracks, as we all know, are low level and claiming races are the “name of the game”. I just looked at a racing card the other day and EVERY single horse on the 8 race card was running with Lasix with the exception of ONE. Drug them and run them is racing’s motto. Yes, Mr. AC 2, my hands, that once covered my eyes, are now hanging at my sides.

  26. I only speak of this from first hand personal knowledge not every horse that “slab fractures” never run again. Given the severity and an owner who gives the horse the proper time to recoup can they run again. I myself had one in his 4th career start slab fracture. Please don’t go on that “of course because he was started to young” he didn’t start until he was close to turning 4 because of his size we took the time to let him grow and mature before even thinking about running him. A thing admittedly most trainers/ owners don’t have the patience to do. I was and still blessed with an owner who do what’s best for the animal in those regards. That being said he did not need surgery with the slab but the first 2 days was almost more than I could bear watching him. The vet assured me in the coming days I would see him sound up significantly and I did. We gave him an entire year off. Brought him back into training at a snails pace because I wanted to do everything possible to allow him to tell me what he wanted to do as far as training. His first race back he won by 9 lengths and was happy doing it trust me. He has continued to be a successful Allowance horse he is 6 now and a BEAR to train everyday. He loves his job in the morning and in the evening. His knee has never given a hint of trouble or uncomfortablneess. The moment it does we will retire him and he will stay with us until he dies because we where there when he was born watched him grow up,broke him, trained him, and where there every single day for the year of his rehab and had tears in my eyes the night he won after a solid year off. Most horses don’t do that after an entire year off that weren’t out because of injury. I thought about the agonizing year for both he and I and what we had been through TOGETHER. The other horses is my barn all 9 are owned by the same incredible owner who will do what’s best for his horses at any cost including putting a made at New Bolton every year when she is ready to foal because she had a difficult delivery ONCE. He does it year after year “just in case”. Just so you know it round him in the neighborhood of $10K. Every spring to do this. Please don’t say the owner is protecting his “goose that lays the golden eggs” because I can already hear it coming. Does that sound like a person that would allow a horse to colic for an entire week. Not everyone in horse racing is a scumbag but there are plenty that are that make people that are good and kind to there animals “painted with the same brush”. I implore the people that right the stories on here about specific horses and specific people to have facts about what they are writing and not a shred of the truth. I don’t know what goes on in the barn next to mine or on the other side of the racetrack. I don’t care to know and it isn’t my business as it is not the people on this site to “gossip” about trainers like the trainer of the “12 day colic” because though he may have had A horse that coliced for 12 days there would of been serious ramifications which there weren’t. You want to slander someone’s reputation with a horse in his barn that coliced.You have zero proof to back up that is was malicious or intentional or the horse was disregarded in its suffering. I believe it when someone is fined or suspended not the word of a rescue worker who already has a strong dislike for horse racing. Who gives anyone the right to diminish the love for Corvo and AGAIN try and slander his caretakers as leaving him alone for week suffering and dying. Where any of you there. No is the answer. I do not believe for ONE MINUTE as stated that “the gaming commission” which is wrong because there is no “gaming commission” @ Belmont but let just racing office of “official” compasity would give ANY information out to anyone over the phone or in person that wasn’t DIRECTLY relates to the horse about three death or circumstances of when according to you it was a death that would only bring a further “black eye” to horse racing by him.suffering for a week. I also LOVE how when you print you lists of deaths or breakdowns you like to put “vanned of presumed euthanized”. Really…it is quite persumuous of you to ASSUME anything about a horse being banned off. I have had a horse vanned off before taken back to the barn and NEVER been put down. Horses are banned off back to there barn for a whole host of reason. Not all go to the “pit”. Hang around the track and the backside for more than a “NY minute” and you too could have this vast knowledge maybe then you could state FACTS instead of presumptions.

    • I have never written “vanned off presumed euthanized.” You lie and your entire industry lies, and horses continue to suffer for it. Perhaps it’s time for you to find a forum of other exploiters to commiserate with. Not interested in your garbage here.

  27. You or someone else who prints that list MOST CERTAINLY did. I have read you website several times before Corvo passing am I remember with every fiber of my being reading exactly what I typed earlier. I do not care if I have to go through every single horse since day 1 of this site to find it I will because you have got some sort of Gaul calling me a liar. I suggest you start digging too maybe u can beat me to it.

  28. Would you care to explain to me what an article you wrote titled “Dead Or Likely Dead 2014” would infer? I didn’t graduate from Harvard but hmmmm….I think it sounds like someone ( you) is PRESUMING dead horses that may very well be alive. Maybe not racing any longer for Equibase to track but alive nonetheless. Don’t worry I am still doggedly looking for the verbatim of what I printed earlier.

    • That list is of the confirmed dead (“Dead”) or “broke down” (“Likely Dead”) and does not include those who were merely “vanned off.” (Those horses can be found each Monday under “Casualties.”) If you unearth an alive horse from the “Dead or Likely Dead” list, feel free to pass along. Not asking for Harvard here, just some basic reading comprehension.

  29. jenn1120, you were also CERTAIN I used the words “court exhibit” which you wanted in order to put your spin on a particular topic…and that was NOT the case…I did NOT say “court exhibit”. And of course, when I asked you to address your false statement, you never did.

    Let us follow your horses…give us your name, just as we give ours. Let me see just ONE person in the racing industry that doesn’t put their horse(s) in a claiming race to be claimed away by some scum that could care less about that horse’s well being…about being run to a physical state that there is no coming back from…until there is nothing left to do for that horse except euthanasia…or who doesn’t bat an eye when sending them off to slaughter. No one can tell me they “care” about their racehorses and then throw them to the wolves, unprotected and vulnerable.

    Lastly, every single true story I write is the full and entire truth. I don’t lie, and I certainly have no desire to be sued. And the one time I had a trainer question my story about their horse?…I reminded them (a trainer-jockey duo) of their other horses we acquired from them…named them…all of them used-up, spent, done, and unable to live life without constant pain. And all documented. There was no more questioning from that abusive duo who continue to maim and kill to this day. If there were so many good folks in this industry, this duo would have been outed and done years ago. But it’s not your business, right?

  30. Joy, are you referring to the infamous duo, George Iacovacci, and his gal pal, Kelly Spanabel? Please help me get my hands on the uncover video that was taken at Great Lakes Downs where good ole George admitted to running horses “with tendons” all the time. I will send a copy to every track where those toe race.

  31. Meant to say where those “two” race in my post above. By the way, Ms. Jenn1120, I was involved with getting an Iacovacci horse off the track by the name of Say Yes Dear. He was euthanized about 3 months later because he was “unsalvageable”. You got it – damaged beyond repair by those that owned and raced him. Sickening? Yes, it is, but fairly common in racing.

  32. The vast majority of foals born each year end their days in slaughter houses; Most of the horses that make it to the track either start out in the ugly claiming game or wind up in that downward spiral even though some may have earned upward of $500,000 in the first part of their careers; Horses are run when they are unsound and drugged in order do so; Buzzers and drugs are used to enhance performance; Horses breakdown daily at tracks across the country…the proverbial “bad step”, right ! Horse are claimed over and over, shunted from barn to barn and started with as little as 3 days between races. The Thoroughbred is a disposable commodity in the racing business and there is no denying that fact. The core of this game is money and the horse is just the means to that end.
    While there may be some in the business who do care about the horse and even try do the right thing the decks are stacked against that. The business is such that doing the right thing means money may be lost and money is the only thing that keeps this abusive endeavor going. Further, those in racing who claim to care about horses must have to keep their hands tightly over their eyes in order not to speak out… must be a form of pathological denial, at best.

  33. Rose Rose Rose….I hate to keep correcting you but I feel as though I will help you with things. First your comment of ” the proverbial bad step ya right”. Yes it is called a “bad step because that’s exactly what it is. A horse puts 5,000 pounds of pressure on each hoof as it hits the ground on a bone that is the size of your wrist. So if they hit the ground wrong you know the drill. Is is the fault of the track surface, hitting the ground wrong,or horses that quite honestly having no business being out there in the first place, or drugs that make them sound temporarily. All of the above. Having said that “a bad step” can happen to the soundness of drug free horses in a field a paddock a racetrack barrel racing eventing playing polo or with a 10 year old doing her jumper class at the 4-H show. Horses are fragile period. As far as horse racing goes this is the responsibility of the state vet in the morning which in most cases couldn’t tell a sound one horse from an “off horse”. Some state vets I’ve seen pass horses Ray Charles could have seen where lame or even “off”. When that ridiculousness in the morning falls by the wayside the state vet in the paddock should at least catch it… busy chatting in up with the outrider or a cute spectator. Many horses run everyday crippled no doubt but the safety systems in place to at least weed those out is a joke. I am talking of the cheap tracks. You won’t see that go on at keen eland, Churchill etc etc. But as far as the existence of the “bad step” being a farce and an excuse we use in horse racing simply is a fact not an excuse. As your co-commentor brought up “Eight Belles” and “Go for Wand” I highly doubt a state vet looked the other way the in the exam the morning of there death. Nor where they drugged to insure soundness. They are two perfect examples of horses that took “bad steps”. I watched from 50 feet away George Washington break down in the Breeders Cup and physically threw up. That was a horse that was brought out of stud service to fly here for the Breeders Cup and couldn’t even make the qualifying fractions breezing before the race because he was so crippled. The clockers at Monmouth Park fudged the work figure to ensure he would run. Mind you Aidan O’Brien knew how crippled he was knew they doctored the work and ran him over a mud drenched racetrack. He KILLED HIM. No doubt no grey area that world renowned BT Rainer killed that horse. There are supposed to be safety measures in place to help horses but sadly there not policed and it is a joke sometimes but don’t be nieve enough to think horses don’t break there legs as easily in other horse sports and every bad step in a scam. Secondly I am not entirely sure where horses are run back in 3 days from there last race not sure where you saw this in a racing program or witnessed that but I am.pretty confident even the sub par trainer in today’s day in age wouldn’t run a horse back in 3 days. Perhaps you mean breezing a horse 3 days before its race? I am anxious to hear of such a trainer because the stewards at where this took place more than once where not doing there “due diligence” in allowing that more than once if ever. I surely hope you are not under the impression that running a horse back in 3 days is a regular occurrence. I am.puzzles why aren’t you and your co-commentors beating the drum about 3day eventing. I have been to Rolex, The Fork, Groton House and have worked for an Olympic level rider for 2 years at all of the above. If you think racehorses are abused racing for a minute and a half of racing you should NEVER venture to a 3 Day Event especially a ****event. Just for the record we my horses aren’t run in claiming races. We specifically run them at the level and caliber that than cannot be claimed. I don’t play the “claim game” so I am confident I wasn’t includes in those comments as ignorant as co-commentors meant them to be.

    • Jenn1120, horses are rescued from the horrors of the track and placed in those wonderful eventing stables. So they don’t have the rigorous training of a mile and a half to two miles a day. NO they have to go 8 miles a day over fences and rock walls carting 200lb men all the while. That is the ultimate goal of some rescues, to have a successful eventer come from them. I have been over that issue in here 15 times. ( That is an estimate so don’t tell me my numbers are wrong). Some answers will be “This is about horse racing”. It doesn’t matter to SOME if they are sent to event or polo after being “Rescued”, just as long as away from racing. By the way have you ever heard of a retired polo pony??? Not sure if there is such a thing…

    • Interesting how so many of the same trainer’s horses take “bad steps”. Also, interesting that Christophe Clement’s horses are not prone to “bad steps” !!! Eight Belles fractured both front legs as you know, or did you ? Pretty difficult to fracture both legs “bad step” or not !!!
      This is about Thoroughbred racing. Maybe you can “beat the drum” concerning 3 day events. I’ve got a full plate right now.
      PS Check out the filly, Mess in a Dress, claimed by David Jacobson and started again barely72 hours later… gotta pay attention !! Knowledgeable as you are, it is hard for me to believe you did not know this happens ! Also, you may be surprised to know the NYRA has no rules concerning time between starts. Filling race cards is far more important than less than stellar trainers or the welfare of the horse.
      We will never agree about racing, so lets just leave it at that.

  34. Rose I also feel your time and effort may be netter served in a horse abuse area that can be abolished. Tennessee Walking Horses. Please go an investigate the absolutely nauseating practices of those people. Talk about corruption and blatant rule breaking usually by the highest people in that industry. I feel over the last 2 years that industry has been HUGELY exposed and with enough backing it will be gone for good. Hopefully because those people (owners,trainers,grooms spectators) are the walking evil. Now that’s is cruelty of the highest level known to man. How those people involved knowingly participate horrifies me that I walk the earth will these “humans”. Horse racing will never be abolished no matter how hard people like you try. Its an American pastime period. Tennessee Walking horses needs more people like you and the rest of the people on this site. I just feel as though your heartfelt activism to save abused horses as you see it would be better served where change CAN be made hopefully forever. If you haven’t looked into Tennessee Walking Horse abuse please do because they need all the help they can get.

  35. Ms. Jenn1120, check out Pass Me A Drink. Two races in 3 1/2 days. Let’s give a big hip hip hooray since the scum bag who ran her did give her an extra 12 hours to “rest up” between her two poor showings. Wow! Didn’t know the “scoop” on George Washington. Makes me despise the racing industry even more than I already do. Thank you so much for sharing the “dirty secrets”!

  36. Glenn Thompson a trainer at Monmouth Park wrote a book called The Sport of Kings and The Cheating. Not exactly the title but close enough if you Google his name it will come up. I know Glenn and his father. I know Glenn enough to say hi and his father well god love him he is a crotchety old timer who is tough as nails. I dropped a horse off to him that I was asked to pick up on my way from Delaware Park one afternoon seeing as I was heading that way and passing NJ Equine where his dad had a horse. I got slightly lost given his farm is hard to find if your not familiar with the area and NO GPS or phone signal. I was a 1/2 hour late that man was waiting in his driveway and screamed at I was 6th grader. Holy Jesus. Now I respect my elders and was raised that way. I explained the confusion as I was doing his van driver a favor by getting his horse at the clinic an apologized for my tardiness respectfully. There are a small amount of people I would have allowed to speak to me that way but I know his reputation so it wasn’t doing me any good to be anything but humble. As I was getting in my truck he apologized and I respected him for that. He fired my friend from future shipping for him but I think that was a given. Anyway last summer we where sitting around and a few of my fellow trainers (male) where railing about Glenn And his book and who did he think he was exposing Monmouth and most of it was BS in his book and other unflattering things. I went home bought the book on my phone and read it cover to cover in one sitting. Its roughly 100 pages. There are things such as the George Washington incident that I almost fell off my couch when I read. I was there within feet of watching that horse standing there with his leg COMPLETELY on backwards broken and dangling. I threw up literally. I had one break down in the morning simply galloping took bad step it was the exact same thing literally hanging off. But this one was mine and both those incidents haunt me like it happened 5 minutes ago. I walked around for 3 years never forgetting what I saw George Washington experience but I never knew what really happened in the days prior with the falsifying his work and how crippled he was. I wrote Glenn and told him that horse was set up to die by supposedly the most brilliant racing team in the world. There is a lot in his book that can’t be denied not that I’ve seen it but he has undenyable facts period. I know trainers like Jane Cibelli and her M.O before she got caught. Trying claiming a horse from her that 3 days letter both ankle xrays look like bags of crushed up potatoe chips. She been a scumbag con artist since the day she hit American soil and there where hundreds of us at Monmouth that laughed till we cried for finally got caught for the foul mouthed idiot she is. Racing isn’t perfect but Jane cibelli was a long awaited start. Goes read Glenn’s book. He is over the top with his theories and things he’s quoted people as saying that can’t be entirely believed but I walked away with a different opinion of Glenn don’t agree with a lot of things he says and does but I respect his plight to clean up the game.

    • Jenn, I have not read that book and have never met the author. I am how ever familiar with some of his other theories. Such as, The Sandy Hook shootings were an elaborate scheme by the government to deflect attention away from Benghazi. Also I believe he has mentioned his next book is “Respect Jesus but believe there is a devil” or something along those lines. Not trying to take from the man. I am sure he is a wonderful person and an inspiration to many. Just maybe a little out there some times…

    • Yes, George Washington was a failure at stud so he was thrown to the wolves, so to speak. He earned a lot of money for his well healed owners, Mangnier, Tabor and Smith but they were more or less finished with him and that is how this sport is at all levels. Disgraceful.

  37. I read Glenn Thompson’s book. The title is “The Tradition of Cheating in the Sport of Kings”. Even though Thompson is immersed in racing, I respect him for speaking out against an industry that does see cheating as an acceptable way to increase the odds of winning. It is well worth the read especially if you want to know the truth…truth being the operative word.

  38. Ms. Jenn1120, you state…I only speak of this from first hand personal knowledge not every horse that “slab fractures” never run again. You are correct that a few may run again depending on how severe the fracture happens to be as well as IF the owner/trainer invests in the horse’s rehabilitation. Such was NOT the case with Shanty Hill Road and Ruby Red Breast. I bought Shanty Hill Road from Doug Caraker, a low level “horseman” (I use the term loosely) based out of a low level track, and donated the horse to New Vocations. Shanty Hill Road was so badly damaged that he was euthanized several months later. I also purchased Ruby Red Breast. She had the second worst slab fracture that the Program Director at New Vocations had ever seen at that point in time. She was adopted out as a broodmare. Now, just to bring you up to speed, I bought Ruby Red Breast because the kill buyer middleman, Mr. Edward J. Harvey, had already approached the owner to purchase her and send her off to slaughter. I paid $300 for her. Mr. Harvey is still racing at Beulah Park and it is business as usual.for him and his cronies.

    Also, I’m sure Rose appreciates your efforts to “set her straight” when it comes to the causes that she believes in. I, too, appreciate your efforts to tell Rose, and me, what causes I should concentrate on including the Tennessee Walking Horse industry, and you are correct that it is a HORRIFIC industry, much like the racing industry.However, I hope you find some bit of comfort when I attempt to reassure you that both of us are “big girls”, just like you are a “big girl”, and we can make our own decisions as to what causes we want to pursue. Patronizing us and talking down to us really isn’t necessary, dear girl! In fact, even though I didn’t go to Harvard, I can still concentrate on several different causes at one time. Isn’t that amazing? Perhaps you could learn from us IF you emulate what we do! Then you babble that you “hate” to have to keep correcting Rose but you will “help her” with “things”. I know I shouldn’t speak for Rose, but I firmly believe that she doesn’t need your help, and, if you “hate” to keep correcting her, why do you do so? You aren’t going to change her mind, are you? What horrifies me about a person such as yourself is that you basically bash the racing industry, rightfully so, but then make feeble attempts to defend it. It must get quite uncomfortable playing both sides of the fence, if you know what I mean!

  39. Ms. Johnson

    I have not “bashed” racing. What I have wrote of in previous post was the absolute truth about negative things that go on in horse racing. If you feel that my admitting the truth about this sport and would term it as “bashing” that is your prerogative. You as a vigorous anti-racing advocate should welcome that. I am well aware and have an up close front row seat to the dark side of horse racing on a daily basis. I am not naïve to what goes in a sport I make my living off of. I have seen things happen that made me question whether I would be walking through the stablegate the next morning. It does in no way mean I condone it or participate in it. I welcome a change in areas of this sport and are more than happy to help clean it up and look forward to future changes. What racing does NOT need are people many of them on this site to speak untruths about trainers,horses, and situations they don’t have FIRST HAND FACTUAL knowledge of. I applaud any person such as yourself that exposes horse abuse in this sport and brings abusive situations to light that would ordinarily go unnoticed. In order to do that over exaggerating, dramatizing, and out right lying about some events will not accomplish your goals in bettering or banning horse racing all together as you would like. What it will do is draw people in to your cause through sensational headlines and titles and hope to keep them on “your bandwagon” with falsehoods. The “lay” person who loves animals but have little knowledge of horse racing will most certainly jump on the “bandwagon” with the stories posted here any person with a love for animals would. What they are unaware of is that numerous stories have VERY LITTLE factual foundation. I am not sure why yourself and others on this sight feel the need to slander trainers with lies. Yes Ms. Johnson LIES. Flat out lies. I know this obviously because you have done it with your half ass untruthful reporting of “Corvo”. Ms. Smith’s original post about “Corvo” was inaccurate at its very inspection. To be followed up by her champion and cheerleader Mr. Batuello with ADDITIONAL inaccuracies and lies to the point of “inventing” people in the “gaming commission” which gave him his basis of “facts” to write the original post. An agency or “commission” he used as his “source” for his story DOES NOT EXIST perhaps he was inaccurate or in error phrasing it the “gaming commission” which is even more FRIGTENNING. Mr. Batuello may have very well spoke to someone at Belmont concerning “Corvo” but I will assure you it was NOT a racing official, treating vet, or anyone who was there at the discovery of him dead, or anyone privy to the “Corvo’s” health prior to his death. DID NOT HAPPEN. Ms. Aten then went on to slander Mr. Pattah by stating a horse in his stable was colicing for 12 days and was ignored by his staff and everyone in the entire barn. Mr. Pattah I trust did have a horse colic in his care. I can assure you the amount of days was an exaggeration and certainly by no means fact. I was not there but I did not need to be to know her reporting was exaggerated because the racing officials at ANY racetrack would not have tolerated such behavior. Mr. Pattah would of been fined,suspended, or ruled off completely for such an abusive act. Seeing as a rescue discovered Mr. Pattah’s horse and its lengthy suffering it would make even more sense that Mr. Pattah’s irresponsibility would be brought to the authorites or governing bodies at his racetrack. If any such event occurred it is public knowledge accessible to the public at thoroughbredrulings. com. Please don’t invite people to “join your bandwagon” and feed lies in the stories because if they did some research they would feel duped and tend not believe anything posted as factual. “The boy that cried wolf” ring a bell.

    I do stand on “both sides” of the racing fence Ms. Johnson and I freely admit it. I love horse racing and couldn’t imagine doing any thing else for a living now or ever. Am I disgusted by things I see….yup 100% sometimes on a daily basis. As I said I welcome change and hope it comes soon. Will NOT sit by and let myself and others been vilified and lied about. I am in NO way a neglectful horse abuser and I am not sure where you and others feel you have to right to damage personal and professional reputations of someone you don’t know, have NEVER met, and do not have facts firsthand or otherwise to say damaging and in my case hurtful things to a person. You wouldn’t mind if I found out what area you lived in and showed up in your neighborhood and put up flyers telling your neighbors around town you abuse animals any chance you get and enjoy doing it. I think you would be embarrassed and infuriated because it is certainly isn’t true and embarrassing because what an awful thing to be labeled. I of course didn’t have any facts to say such things but I heard second hand “gossip” you abused animals so that gave me license to make it a fact. I have no problem with people disliking horse racing but report with FACTS not innuendo because someday a story will be posted on this site much like “Corvos” and Mr. Pattah and Mr. Batuello is going to find himself in a defamation and slander lawsuit with a Trainer or Owner that has an endless bank account and no bottom in pockets. If reporting stories cant be reported with facts don’t start typing or your inviting yourself to be put in a “precarious” legal position in the future.

    Horse Racing will never get banned so lying about situations and circumstances doesn’t do anything but make people question the posters sanity. So my comment to Ms. Smith as she struck me as a vigorous advocate for ending horse abuse was to perhaps help ban soring in TN Walkers. I am a huge supporter of banning it and that industry needs all the people and help it can get. I follow the “goings on” in that industry and it looks like it wont be long before it will be dying a slow death. I was pointing out to Ms. Smith that her tenacity could be well served. It was a compliment if the only attributes you posses weren’t negativity coupled with a disrespectful nature and attitude you would have caught that. I do believe Ms. Smith is a grown woman and think if she didn’t like my comment she could be her own defender,watchdog, and cheerleader and your “backing” wouldn’t be needed so please don’t speak unless spoken to aka mind your business, A “grown up” as your so eloquently called yourself doesn’t need to told that. This is any self respecting trait an adult should posses and doesn’t need to be reminded when to do so.

    In closing Ms. Johnson I was not trying to deflect or “steer” Ms. Smiths efforts away from horse racing and into another sport abusive of horses. I was not trying to “deflect” the abuses in horse racing. I stated it can be and is when the people hired to police this sport do not do there jobs and trainers with no moral compass are allowed to run amuck and “not sent on there way”.. Ms. Johnson I hope you don’t think this comment is trying to “deflect” but instead of inserting yourself in comments that were not directed at you or about you you should be busy painting signs and banners Rolex is next week then you can make some new ones for the Derby shortly after that. Looks like the weeks ahead could turn you into a “busy busy bee” instead of a “busy body”

    Good Day

  40. Ms. Jenn1120, you epitomize what a “busy body” is and, since you are right about abuses in other horse industries, please get up off your bottom and become a “busy bee” instead of a “busy body”. That’s right, Ms. Jenn1120, you should be “busy” painting signs about the abuses in eventing. Rolex will give you the opportunity to “shine” and “deflect” away from the atrocities in racing. Next week is fast approaching so please get started. I think those that give advice to me and Rose should be willing to follow their own advice, don’t you?

    Now, I simply have to call you out on your lie. I’m sure you understand! You seem to have no problem twisting and spinning the truth. In your comment above, you state “instead of inserting yourself in comments that were not directed at you or about you” I should be busy painting signs, etc. However, earlier in your dissertation, you babble “I am puzzles why aren’t you and your co-commentors beating the door down about 3 day eventing”. I know you aren’t Harvard educated but even someone with a high school education would realize that I AM A CO-COMMENTER! I inserted myself in the conversation because you DID direct a couple of comments towards me. You then tell me not to speak unless spoken to. The last time I checked, there is a thing in this country called freedom of speech. Didn’t you learn that in grammar school? Perhaps you are a “super bossy bee” instead of a “busy busy bee” but, nonetheless, you aren’t going to tell me what to do, Ms. Jenn1120.

    If Mr. Pattah has an issue with what has been stated here, then he needs to contact his attorney and initiate a lawsuit. I would welcome that. Your threats to hang up posters saying I have abused my pets has crossed the line and I do take threats seriously. Yes, I would mind if you hung up posters saying I abused my pets because, first and foremost, it would be another lie, so, if you decide to go that route, please know that I will come after you legally and I will sue you ass. The bottom line is that I do have the means to defend myself in a court of law and will not hesitate to do so. You hide behind Ms. Jenn1120 so no one knows who you are so it is much easier to lie and twist and spin the truth because you are anonymous.

    When you get done painting your signs, I want you to answer a question for me. You seem to have a problem with me standing up for Rose, and myself, but you have stood up for Mr. Pattah. Why are you “allowed” to “defend” him, but I can’t defend Rose and others who post here? Please answer my question even though it is a difficult one. Shouldn’t I tell you to “mind your own business” the same way you told me to do so? Perhaps, as you so eloquently stated…don’t speak unless spoken to!

    I don’t think you will accomplish your goals with outright lying (your words, not mine). Now, since you are an adult, prove to me where I have lied, Ms. Jenn1102.

  41. Ms. Jenn1102, I forgot to mention one more thing. I have known Ms. Aten for a long time and she is a straight shooter. She doesn’t lie and her commitment to helping horses destroyed by YOUR industry is indisputable. She and her colleague, Ms. Normile, submitted documentation to Congress about injuries to racehorses in YOUR industry….she supplied the horse’s name, trainer’s name, nature of injury. I doubt if she would libel herself in Congressional hearings. However, if you and Mr. Pattah want to come after her, knock yourself out but be advised that I will be standing right next to Ms. Aten in court.

    • Mary, your posts are always genuine and focused on the issue at hand, horse racing wrongs.
      The person hiding behind the pseudonym, jenn1120, either does not comprehend what she reads; does not read the posts; attempts to spin what is posted or is genuinely confused. Her rants have been derisive and even rude, as I said earlier. She never addresses the facts that are presented as proof of what she says does not occur, such as the horses starting with as little as 3 days between races, etc. From what she is posting more recently she appears very conflicted. Believe it or not, I’m now feeling a little sorry for her because she knows if she does not ignore the “dark side” of this business she will be ostracized and that is a horrible situation for anyone with an ounce of compassion. Knowing one is complicit in abuse if one does nothing about it must evoke feelings of guilt, to say the least.

  42. Anonymous posters are just that — those people who need to remain anonymous because their fear of another loss is greater. What are you afraid of? Not getting stalls? If they find out your are on here complaining? Too afraid to complain to the “racing officials” about the “dark side of racing” you see all the time???? Maybe you must might not get that race written for a filly, non winner of 2 who needs to go long after you’ve angered the racing secretary or stewards on site about abuses you are witnessing? You know full well how the dirty secrets of racing are hidden as you play that very game.

    As a former racing breeder, owner, an elected member of both the HBPA and MTOBA, who quit racing to found the original CANTER program — the first in the nation to rescue horses right out of their stalls at the track (because racing officials did nothing), and having spent years in the barn area each morning of Michigan TB tracks, it is clear you do NOT know of what you speak of when you state: “. . .because the racing officials at ANY racetrack would not have tolerated such behavior. ”

    Michigan I can assure you is a racing juridisdiction that does NOT concern itself with ill horses, starved horses, horses standing in stalls with fractures so bad there leg is turned the wrong way from the leg down or horses too lame to race. Repeated calls to the Office of the Racing Commission to report horses with fractures were ignored. I and others made those calls. No one cared because it was easier to let the kill buyers have free access to remove the offending horses or thankfully to have trainer/kill buyers licensed and on the grounds to remove them. Convenient for all and it still is permitted. No slaughter policies at SOME tracks are enforced only if NONrace people track the horses, save them from slaughter and report them and then most tracks do nothing. Remember when NY issued its no slaughter policy and the first person caught was the brother of the Secretary?!! He got off. They just changed the language of the no slaughter policy!!

    You think tracks all have paper work and records? Find me records of horses being mistreated in Michigan and a single trainer ever being suspended or banned for failure to treat an injured horse. I saved a horse removed from the main track and left to starve in the training barn (while trainers there fed it and watered it every now and then until they finally pointed it out to me) and what did our racing commission do when contacted? The owner in FL was called and it was suggested they sell their starved horse to our rescue for $800 while the trainer received no suspension. Everyone just happy there was no publicity. I could have made a noise but then the “racing officials” you revere as the humane overseers would have taken away my “vendor’s license” I PAID for as a rescue (neither the “racing officials” nor the horsemen’s organizations paid to have me on the grounds to save their horses from pain or slaughter). Without a license to go on the backside barn area, the horses would again have no one to look out for them just I saw happening before I left racing to start CANTER. I was intaking 100 horses a year from that one track and the “racing officials” did indeed TOLERATE horses prone and colicking off and on, horses with founder in their good front leg because their severe fracture in their right was not “healing” with magic potions. No banned trainers. They could barely fill races and each year race days were cut. They ALL make their money on the wagers on the horses and the less running, the less they all make including the “racing officials”. If the track went under, all would lose their salaries including those employed by the Racing Commission (your “racing officials” again) so they fill the races with anything that can limp to the track. NO hands on lameness exams as precisely spelled out in the Racing Rules and Regulations. No one even counting DEAD horses in a race much less morning training. NO ONE. They did not even care and still do NOT count injured or dead horses by participating in the Equine Injury Database (another diversional joke).

    Take your blinders off. Oh, by the way, don’t you find it ludicrious that it is SO IMPORTANT that bettors know a horse is or is not racing wearing blinkers that it must be listed on the program? Yes, despite the fact that bettors, even on simulcast screens can SEE what horses have blinkers and if they wore them the previous race yet NO ONE is told if a horse that is heel nerved is racing! OH, but who MUST be told??? A notice must be posted where the TRAINERS can see what horse that is heel nerved is being entered. So they have the advantage of knowing what horse they might be racing against who can no longer feel pain in a part of its foot yet the BETTORS are not told this fact. Oh, but they know about those blinkers!! Heel nerving is a felony in AZ but is still allowed in most states without bettor knowledge.

    When a hidden camera was used to prove to the racing commission (your “racing officials”), they refused to allow CANTER to have licenses to come on the backside to intake horses any longer but ALLOWED the kill buyers access. Despite us rescuing over 100 horses a year. Those horses then became easy pickings for the kill buyers who WERE allowed in the barn area.

    You are either totally unaware or are intentionally misleading people here. I refuse to spend another minute responding to you unless you use your real name.

    If you care about the atrocities you see on the “dark side”, use your name and start making reports to the NYT and see how long racing tolerates YOU.

    • Hear, hear, Jo Anne. I for one am no longer interested in the rantings of an anonymous coward – “jenn1120.” If you want to challenge us, identify yourself. Until such time, your comments will be struck.

  43. Ms. Johnson,

    First and foremost you give yourself far to much credit and flattery. In addition I would like to point out the difference between using an “example or “parallel” situation and a threat. I asked you how you would enjoy being referred to as an animal abuser who neglected there animals and proceeded to tell others of such things not with any factual basis but with second hand gossip? I asked how you would enjoy being publicly embarrassed ? I provided you with an example so as you may grasp the concept of commenting and reporting on situations that you had facts and first hand knowledge of which in the case of Corvo you had NEITHER. Don’t flatter yourself to think you are worthy of my effort in finding where you reside or telling people half truths and “speculation” based ideas I may have about your treatment of your animals. I don’t know if you have ANY animals nor do I care. My personal opinion based on you ability of over exaggeration would lead me to believe I wouldn’t let you look after a “tub full of sea monkeys” on your best day but I digress.

    If you feel a desire to comment on horses that coliced for 12 days unnoticed and virtually abandoned only to be saved by your rescue than so be it have at it. I don’t know Mr. Pattah and have never heard of him before you where compelled to bring his name and horse’s colic to my attention and everyone else’s on a public forum. I have no knowledge of his intentions to ever sue you but I can promise you this you or someone who contributes to this site with a story similar to “Corvo’s” or Mr. Pattah’s you will most definitely find yourself in a court of law. Yes I am familiar with our constitutional right of “freedom of speech” but you seem to not understand the difference in that and slander and liable. You most definitely can be sued and will loose when the person you write about can prove to a judge that what you have stated is untrue. Please don’t kid yourself to think the “freedom of speech” angle would work for you in either Corvos or Mr. Pattah’s case. If you would like to not heed my advice as to the difference between the two I think you may look back and wish you had when you come up on the losing end of a lawsuit. I certainly hope the financial means you say you have to do battle in court with someone isn’t an exaggeration as well because with your obvious lack of the law your going to need it. People in horse racing aren’t perfect but having a solid reputation in this business is paramount and when it is tainted publicly with a “shred of truth” to an accusation it doesn’t go over well. Again I was giving you a bit of advice that you should strongly consider when you sit down to type you next character assassination. Apparently you are content with “spinning” what ever situation or event you provide the readers with. If you are content with exaggerating and embellishing actual facts to make yourself look like a better human being or a hero to racehorses knock yourself out. Maybe you will someday be content with just offering factual stories that don’t have you being a hero or savior in the end. Anything other than that is a disgrace to yourself because as I have pointed out the facts you provided in Mr. Pattah’s and Corvo’s case where grossly incorrect and lacked a resemblance of facts. Quite honestly your lack of moral integrity for others is frightening on more than a few levels. I did not or could not spin what is logged in which proved you a liar in the case of Mr. Pattah,I hope you will take the time to look up his race record of ruling to alert yourself that you are a liar. A visual usually is more helpful to people that have an IQ of the room temperature.

    I have no interest in providing you with my god given name and have no intentions of it. Why do you care so much ? It will not change the fact your sanity is questionable at best. Never in a million years will you be provided such details of my life. So I can have some “half baked” woman with a strong propensity for telling lies be a bigger pain in my ass than you have been this afternoon. With ever fiber of my being I am confident you couldn’t hurt my reputation in this business if you made it your lives work. Never on your best day Ms. Johnson would that happen EVER. Of course you provide your actual name why wouldn’t you. In your world and in between your delusions of grandeur you are a hero to anything on 4 legs. Why wouldn’t you be happy posting your name you thrive off having your ego stroked by others publicly. I on the other hand don’t need that from people who’s ability to embellish the truth is so rampant. I will mention you in my acceptance speech from the winners circle on TVG so make sure you tune in because I will give you your 5 minutes of fame you obviously deeply desire. See Ms. Johnson when I choose to embarrass people I “go big or I go home”,

    This is a rhetorical posting. Please save your antics for someone who gives actually cares “horse hero” LOL LOL

  44. Ms. Jenn1102, you question my sanity and I question your lies. You sure didn’t respond to Ms. Normile. I think she caught you with your “pants down”. I knew Ms. Normile would shut you up! She knows her facts and would blow you out of the water if you two had a debate one on one.

    Lies come fast and furious in racing and you are just one of the many examples of that. I NEVER said a word about Corvo on this blog until now. I said nothing about Mr. Pattah, except that he should file a lawsuit if he felt that lies were being told about him and his reputation was damaged. You appear to have the IQ of my cat because I have challenged you to prove where I have lied and you simply can’t do so but you babble on and on that I have lied. When you give your big ass speech in the winner’s circle, please tape it and send a copy to me because, since I don’t watch horseracing, I won’t be able to enjoy my 5 minutes of fame.

    Also, don’t forget to tell Ms. Normile that she must not speak until she is spoken to. How dare her (lol)!

  45. In fact, Ms. Jenn1102, I think your IQ is so low that you don’t even know that I haven’t made ANY accusations against Mr.. Pattah although I did meet him on one occasion. I think your IQ is just as low as your inability to put a sentence together that is grammatically correct. I think you are a wonderful fit for the racing industry! LOL, LOL!

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