Crystallo Dead at Mountaineer

Crystallo, a 6-year-old mare who toiled under six different trainers over the past three years, broke down in yesterday’s 3rd race at Mountaineer. She is dead, another career claimer killed in the not-so-heroic pursuit of cash. The complicit trainers: Angel Penna, Justin Sallusto, Susan Crowell, Charles Harvatt, Patrick McBurney, and Antonio Pizzurro. For shame, horseracing. For shame.

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  1. Yes indeed, for shame. That poor mare endured so much in her short life. How can these people sleep at night. This racing business is a national scandal.

  2. RIP, sweet girl..The racing officials at Mountaineer want the cards filled and put pressure on the horsemen to enter their horses even when their horses aren’t ready to run. Where is the outrage? There is none because this is horseracing, a pathetic excuse for human entertainment.

  3. And don’t forget the money, Mary. How very sad it is for the horses and for humanity.

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