Russian Silk, Causewere Gamblers, Notbyemyrules Dead at Santa Anita

In two days last weekend, Santa Anita lost three horses: 2-year-old Russian Silk, Saturday’s 9th race; 3-year-old Causewere Gamblers, Sunday’s 3rd race; and 4-year-old Notbyemyrules, Sunday’s 9th race. What’s more, one trainer, Daniel Dunham, can claim two of the dead (Russian Silk, Notbyemyrules) for his resume. The others complicit:

Russian Silk – jockey Kayla Stra, owner Woodstock Racing
Causewere Gamblers – jockey Fernando Perez, trainer Caesar Dominguez, owners David Aizenstadt/Caesar Dominguez/William Foltz
Notbyemyrules – jockey Saul Arias, owners Daniel Dunham/Sebastian Valente

Russian Silk was running only her second race, having finished last in her debut on February 8th (also at SA). Before Sunday, Notbyemyrules last raced on February 28th (also at SA), finishing last, 20 lengths back. And a mere eight days before he was vanned off and killed, Causewere Gamblers finished last in yet another Santa Anita race, 30 lengths back. Yes, 30 lengths. This is horseracing.

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  1. Babies, all three of these horses. So I’d like to know, since another poster seems to link the amount of money a horse makes to whom is responsible for said horse, WHO is responsible for little Russian Silk?…Equibase reports her earnings were $500? No one?

    RIP Russian Silk, Causewere Gamblers, and Notbyemyrules.

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