Art of the Game, Cooper River Dead

I was able to confirm that 3-year-old Art of the Game was killed after breaking down at the finish of Friday’s 8th race at Gulfstream. Complicit in her death are jockey Corey Lanerie, trainer Nick Zito, and owner Richard Pell.

6-year-old Cooper River, wrong from the start of Laurel’s 3rd race on March 14th, is also dead, driven to his grave (not figuratively) by jockey Yomar Ortiz (below, left) – evidence here (pick up video at 2:00 mark). Cooper River was trained by Wayne Potts and owned by Worcester Investments.

photo credit: Jim McCue
photo credit: Jim McCue

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  1. Cooper River can’t be abused any longer, RIP. It was obvious something was wrong with the horse when he came out of the gate. He should have been pulled up. That jockey,Yomar Ortiz, should be charged with animal cruelty and barred from racing. I’m sure he will get away with what he did because the racing business does not care about the horse, period .

    However, when an injured horse is a big money maker and well known there is a pretense of concern but it is really about potential loss of revenue and fame !!

  2. That was nauseating to watch as I agree completely w/Rose, he should have been pulled up.

    RIP, Cooper River. My apologies that the human race can be so heartless.

  3. The racing industry let you down, Cooper River, but we will never forget you.

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