Uncle Betty Dead, Cooper River on Vet’s List

Updates on Uncle Betty and Cooper River:

Through a call to the state vet’s office, Joy Aten (“Shedrow Secrets”) confirmed that Uncle Betty was indeed killed after breaking down March 13th at Charles Town. The 2-year-old filly was ridden by Ariel Diaz, trained by James Locklear, and owned by O’Sullivan Farms.

Cooper River, who was forced – by jockey Yomar Ortiz – to run last Friday at Laurel despite being wrong from the start, is alive, albeit injured and on the vet’s list. Joy quotes the track vet as saying that “the jockey should have pulled [Cooper] up” after he “smacked his stifle” in the gate. Pressed on, the 6-year-old eventually fell.

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  1. This outrageous “sport” rampant with animal abuse and cruelty must be brought to it’s sorry knees.

  2. Does anyone know how Cooper River is doing? Who claimed him? Did the jockey get suspended or any other consequences?

  3. Of Wine and Roses, all Dr. Zipf (at Laurel) would tell me about Cooper River’s injury is that his stifle was “tender” and he is on the vet’s list…he would not confirm if any diagnostics were performed to identify the damage that is the cause of the “tenderness”. I said to Dr. Zipf that the gelding’s stifle must have been really “tender” for him to go down. No response to that except a nervous “yes”.

    Cooper River was claimed that race by John Hartsell.

    I don’t know if the jockey received any disciplinary action.

    Cooper River had been added to my virtual stable.

    • Just read on thoroughbred champions in memorium that Cooper River has died. RIP brave boy. I hope someone investigates his poor ride and after care. This is very disturbing.

  4. Thank you , Joy for checking. The jockey definitely deserve disciplinary action in terms of $…the only thing that seems to get attention in the business. In fact, since he did not pull the horse up which most likely exacerbated the problem, he should pay for diagnostic procedures. I guess that is just wishful thinking.

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