2, Including Onlyforyou, Die While Practicing

Yesterday, 7-year-old Jeremiah Englehart-trained Itsagoodtendollars “died from an apparent cardiovascular collapse while breezing on the Belmont training track.” This is Englehart’s 14th NY death since 2009.

Also on Saturday, 2-year-old (actual age, not industry age) Onlyforyou (below) died at a Gulfstream training center. Said trainer Todd Pletcher in a press release: “She had a complex condylar fracture that was displaced and irreparable. …a little bit more than an eighth of a mile into the gallop she took a bad step. Obviously, it’s a sad moment for everybody. The barn takes it hard when stuff like that happens, especially when it’s a filly like that who was perfect her whole career.”

photo credit: Wendy Wooley
photo credit: Wendy Wooley

NY excepted, training deaths are almost never reported. But they are happening, and with regularity. (Of the 99 racing or training deaths in NY last year, 43% were of the training variety.) Invariably, only those involving the most prized of Thoroughbreds hit the media, like the undefeated, multiple graded stakes-winning Onlyforyou. In short, the carnage dutifully published here is far from complete.

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  1. The proverbial “bad steep” once again. And as Pletcher said “The barn takes it hard when STUFF like that happens, especially when it’s a filly like that who was perfect her WHOLE CAREER ” ! Her whole career consisted of maybe one year and 4 races. What is that man saying !

  2. Oh, yes, Pletcher takes it “hard”. If you believe that, then the earth is flat. Isn’t Pletcher one of the top trainers for drugging his horses?

  3. Pletcher is the darling of this sub-culture. Winning and money by any means is what counts…. Integrity and animal welfare not so much !!!!

  4. Yes, as you mentioned Rose, this little filly just took a “bad step”…this according to Pletcher (trainer) and John Greathouse (owner). A “bad step” that killed her.
    Also according to Greathouse: “We did have a lot of fun with her, but we were hoping to have a lot more.” Damn, Greathouse, your “fun” didn’t last very long with this one! That is nothing but horrific…their fun at a three-year-old filly’s expense.

    RIP Onlyforyou. I am so sorry your life was cut drastically short for the entertainment of some.

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