Tawdry Dead at Mountaineer

According to a source at the track, 6-year-old Tawdry is dead after fracturing a pair of sesamoids in Monday’s 8th race at Mountaineer. This, but another example of racing trying mightily to conceal its odious underside – the chart merely had the mare taking “a bad step,” pulling up, and being vanned off. Tawdry, a veteran of almost four years, was running in a $5,000 claiming race for a racino-jacked purse of $9,500. This is horseracing.

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  1. Of COURSE the industry attempts to “hide” the destruction and death!…even by the “sin of omission”! I am so incredibly disgusted with the killing machine that is horseracing!

    Tawdry, rest in peace, sweet girl…your servitude is over but to have to die for that to happen is beyond tragic. I am so sorry….

  2. So sorry, Tawdry…just 6 years old with your whole life ahead of you…destroyed, all for the lure of the almighty dollar in the name of entertainment.

  3. This is sooo sick. And as I understand it, sesamoids do not fracture because of the proverbial ” bad step”. Not only is this absolute animal abuse “they” turn around and lie.. The people who defend this fine “sport” are no better than the low-life abusers.

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