Miss Da Sunrise Dead at Fair Grounds

2-year-old Miss Da Sunrise, trained and owned by Angel Montano Sr and ridden by Robbie Albarado, was killed in the 4th race yesterday at Fair Grounds, the second death there in as many days. This is horseracing.

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  1. Sorry, Leslie, I assumed the horse was a filly because of the name. Also, Patrick does go by the horse’s actual birthdate, not the January 1st date. Therefore, the horse was still technically a 2 year old.

  2. Absolutely sick…I agree with Bill Rhoden’s statements in the NYTimes immediately after Eight Belles broke both of her front legs in 2008…racing “grinds up horses”…”It is bullfighting”. A former racing enthusiast, Rhoden had the guts to admit racing is nothing more than animal abuse…to put it to paper and have it published. He took a lot of heat, but being honest often does.

    RIP Miss Da Sunrise. Just a baby, dead for bets.

  3. Only the very tough survive but, of course, some are pushed and abused more than others.

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