Sound of Drums, Aggressive Prize Dead

5-year-old Sound of Drums, reported as vanned off after Saturday’s 7th race at Aqueduct, in fact fractured two sesamoids and is dead. This is trainer Chris Englehart’s 24th (21 racing or training) NY death since 2009. Sound of Drums was owned by My Purple Haze Stables.

Monday afternoon at Louisiana Downs, 3-year-old Aggressive Prize, claimed (bought) before the race for $5,000, was killed on-track. Her trainer and owner of record were Ray Mayo and Shelly Van Ness. Previous trainers include Phillip Calais Jr and Imad Bitar; previous owners, Casey Calais and Phillip Calais Jr. This is horseracing.

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  1. Susan, thank you for the link. Yes, indeed “not much more needs to be said” !
    How ridiculous and transparent is that ruling in terms of being placed on the vet. list. As long as the horse does not cross the finish line it will not be placed on that list. So, the horse can be eased and then be on the stewards list instead. The decks are stacked against the horse at every turn
    If the horse shows signs of distress while racing, regardless of crossing the finish line, the horse should be on the vet. list and that would be the case if racing had the remotest intention of looking out for the horse.

    As for the trainer, he is one of too many !!!

    • Totally agreed Rose:
      The horses can’t win. If they run badly they end up in a Claiming race and if they run well, they end up in a Claiming race, so therefore they can’t win. Even if they win the race! The conditions at these tracks are unconscionable. The horses are out after sunset, running on tracks that can be partially covered with blowing snow and it can be 22 degrees and they still have to run. all the while the “patrons” are in the climate-controlled casinos betting on slots and totally ignoring the horses that are putting their lives at peril–no one even gives them a say!

      • Susan, I couldn’t agree with you more. Horses loaded with drugs and running for their lives….what a sad commentary on mankind.

  2. Sound of Drums and Aggressive Prize are DEAD so bettors could get their gambling fix. And those employed by this gambling industry provide them with the means to do so. Folks that have been a part of the horseracing business for years…maybe grew up in a family that raced horses…likely have no other skills or education that would enable them to support themselves outside of the industry. A difficult but not impossible situation. Those who choose to race horses as a hobby?…indefensible.

    Sound of Drums and Aggressive Prize..RIP. The one and ONLY “positive” in this tragic loss of your lives is that it didn’t happen on the bloodied slaughterhouse floor…like so many of the others.

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