Giant Indian Dead at Laurel

I was able to confirm that 5-year-old Giant Indian, listed as broke down in Wednesday’s 7th race at Laurel Park, was indeed killed. This was his second start under trainer Chris Englehart and owner Ralph Perrone, having recently (December) been purchased for $16,000. This is horseracing.

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  1. Chris Engelhart…the trainer of Formal Attire, a 3 y/o gelding that ran for Engelhart in a 25K claiming race where he was eased. Less than a month later, Engelhart dropped Formal Attire into a 16K claiming race – he broke a leg and was euthanized.

    Chris Engelhart…from the NY Daily News, 1-30-2013; “Chris Engelhart, the trainer of the ill-fated Formal Attire, will begin serving a 60-day suspension…after one of his horses exceeded the allowable limit for total carbon dioxide in a pre-race blood test. Total Carbon Dioxide testing, or TCO2 testing, is done to detect the illegal practice of “milkshaking” a race horse.”

    Chris Engelhart…trainer of Giant Indian, dead.

    RIP Giant Indian…for you, too, your years of servitude to the racing industry “bought” you just a few years.

  2. Nothing is done about these people. You know that being “caught” once or twice is the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”. There are many names in the training ranks that make me cringe every time I see them in print or hear about them. Nothing is done about these abuses. the whole industry is an island of corruption in a sea of indifference.

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