Andromeda’s Coming, Pay Tribute Dead in NY

One of the two horses who “fell heavily” in Saturday’s 3rd race at Aqueduct is confirmed dead: 3-year-old Andromeda’s Coming, trained by Carl Domino and owned by Henry and Janet Oak. Also, in last night’s 7th race at Buffalo Raceway, Pay Tribute (trainer, John Perrin) “took [a] bad step, pulled up [with a] fractured RF pastern [and was] euthanized on track.” This was Buffalo’s second death in five days. NY’s 2014 Death Toll: 14.

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  1. RIP Andromeda’s Coming and Pay Tribute…your short lives of miserable servitude didn’t keep the both of you alive for very long. For human entertainment. Incredibly tragic.

  2. What happened to the previous article in this spot that stated that two other horses died in the race at Aqueduct.?

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