Horseracing Is Not Baseball

In an article posted on ESPN (“Of Diamonds and Ovals,” 2/15/14), professional handicapper Steve Davidowitz attempts, odiously, to bond his two favorite pastimes – baseball and horseracing. He can do this, apparently, because one, these sports began around the same time (19th Century), and two, a handful of former baseballers find the cerebral challenges of betting (breeding, owning, training) similar to those faced on the diamond, both requiring “focus” and “powers of observation.”

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By now it should be clear that many in and around racing are not necessarily callous, just delusional. They truly believe this stuff. Their sport is storied, their athletes exquisite. The racetrack, like the ballpark, has sights and sounds that recall a more innocent time, lazy afternoons spent with dear old Dad.

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But, Mr. Davidowitz, horseracing is no more sport than hunting. Every day, the movable property referred to as born-to-run, love-to-run athletes die on the playing field, after, that is, being trained to submit and whipped to perform. And most of the ones who don’t will end up in some Canadian or Mexican slaughterhouse, shackled by a hind leg, hoisted upside down, slashed, and bled-out. That is horseracing. Like baseball? Just a figment of your imagination. You’re just a gambler, betting on forced “competitions” between nonconsenting animals. Get over yourself.

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  1. It is amazing to see what lengths some people will go to in order to justify the abomination that is racing. Surely they do not believe their own propaganda !

  2. And recently reported, another sports figure eyeing horseracing and its “allure”…Bode Miller of Olympic skiing fame is considering training (racehorses) as his next career move. Lord have mercy…his “buddy” and likely mentor is Bob Baffert. Unbelievable, and absolutely disgusting.

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