Casualties, 2/3/14-2/9/14

The following racehorses were casualties on American tracks last week:

Minotaur, Turf, race 1, confirmed dead
Visionary Leader, Turf, race 4, vanned off

Olivia’s Magicstar, Delta, race 4, vanned off
Silver Cloud, Tampa Bay, race 9, broke down

Salt Block, Laurel, race 4, broke down
Cougarontheprowl, Santa Anita, race 4, broke down
Et Maintenant, Tampa Bay, race 4, vanned off

Mr Manske, Charles Town, race 4, broke down
Addicted to Danger, Hialeah, race 1, bled
Fear the Wave, Hialeah, race 4, lame
Hindsights Great, Sunland, race 3, vanned off
Our First Corona, Sunland, race 4, bled, vanned off
Wildcat Energy, Turf, race 3, vanned off
Stew Boy, Turfway, race 4, vanned off

Good Family, Beulah, race 7, vanned off
The Big Dig, Charles Town, race 7, “bleeding from the nose”
Barley Twist, Gulfstream, race 4, vanned off
Recall Dynaformer, Gulfstream, race 4, vanned off
Nicki Starshine, Gulfstream, race 10, vanned off
Mato Grosso, Parx, race 9, bled
C L Phone Home, Sunland, race 6, “eased in distress”
Tormentada, Sunland, race 7, vanned off
Global Stage, Sunland, race 9, vanned off
Malibu Affair, Sunland, race 9, fell, DNF

Gina’s Kitten, Gulfstream, race 9, vanned off
The Sizzling Cartel, Hialeah, race 5, bled
Big Swiss, Los Alamitos, race 3, vanned off
Junie’s Girl, Parx, race 6, “in distress,” vanned off
Borderland Blues, Sunland, race 7, vanned off
Franderella, Tampa Bay, race 5, vanned off

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  1. Minotaur, 5 year old gelding, last race a $3500 claiming race-now dead.
    Visionary Leader, 5 year old gelding with only 6 lifetime starts…6 starts, 0-0-0, finished over 40 lengths behind on 2-4-14, “through early and vanned off”.
    Olivia’s Magicstar, 5 year old mare with 33 starts, pulled up and vanned off.
    Silver Cloud, 6 year old gelding, Stakes Winner and Multiple Stakes Placed, earnings of 282K, BROKE DOWN and vanned off.
    Salt Block, a gelding not yet 3 years old (May 11, 2011), BROKE DOWN IN HIS VERY FIRST RACE.
    Cougarontheprowl, 4 year old filly IN ONLY HER SECOND START (won in January for earnings of nearly 34K), broke down, lost the rider, vanned off.
    Et Maintenant, 7 year old gelding with 23 starts for 61K, won the 8K claiming race on 2-6-14 then needed to be vanned off.
    Mr Manske, 5 year old gelding with one win in nine starts. Broke down in 9th start, a 5K claiming race.
    Addicted to Danger, a 9 year old gelding, only one win in 36 starts, bled.
    Fear the Wave, 5 year old gelding with 17 starts, came back lame after the $3500 claiming race.
    Hindsights Great, a 10 year old gelding, Multiple Graded Stakes Placed, vanned off after a race with a $8500 purse, his 41st start.
    Our First Corona, a 5 year old gelding, Graded Stakes Winner, bled and vanned off after his 17th start, a race with a $8500 purse.
    Wildcat Energy, 5 year old gelding, Multiple Stakes Placed, 35 starts, pulled up and vanned off in a 3K claiming race.
    Stew Boy, a 7 year old gelding with 33 starts, vanned off.
    The aforementioned, only 14 of the 30 casualties for this 6-day period…THIRTY casualties in only 6 days.
    The remaining 16 horses will be respectfully listed at another time soon.

  2. Good Family, 7 year old gelding, bred and formerly owned by Brereton Jones of Airdrie Stud. Currently owned and trained by Charles Lawson. 43 starts for nearly 80K. Vanned off after a $2500 claiming race at Beulah Park.
    The Big Dig, 4 year old filly with four starts, “gave way” and “came back bleeding”.
    Barley Twist, 3 year old colt, owned/trained by Calumet Farm/Dale Romans. Five starts, 0-0-0. This youngster ran only three weeks previous, when he finished 11th, over 38 lengths behind. In this race, his fifth, on February 8, he “fell over stricken foe” (Recall Dynaformer) and was vanned off.
    Recall Dynaformer, a 3 year old Dynaformer colt with only 3 starts, 0-0-0. In his second race, not even three weeks earlier, he finished 9th. His third lifetime start, he fell, causing two other horses (Jeremy’s Song and Barley Twist) to hit him, fall over him, and fall to the course as well. The young colt was vanned off.
    Nicki Starshine, 4 year old filly, a Multiple Stakes Winner, 13 starts for 165K in earnings. In her last race, she “bobbled”, was “pulled up”, and “vanned off”.
    Mato Grosso, 5 year old gelding, 8 starts, “was reported to have bled”.
    C L Phone Home, a 4 year old filly, 25 starts for 60K, Stakes Placed. This filly was raced only two weeks prior, a race where she placed 8th of 9, where she “was finished early” and where the 9th horse (Said I’m Lucky) was pulled up and vanned off. In her 25th start (a drop to a cheaper race), she was “eased in DISTRESS”.
    Tormentada, 3 year old filly, 7 starts for $1400, “was eased”, “lost rider”, “vanned off”.
    Global Stage, 7 year old gelding, a Multiple Stakes Winner, earnings of 240K in 41 starts. Last time he ran in a claiming race was two years ago. On February 8, 2014, he was dropped into a claiming race and was vanned off after the finish.
    Malibu Affair, a 5 year old gelding, 17 starts for 85K in earnings. This gelding ran for trainer Dallas Keen on August 11, 2013 where he was “washy at the gate” and “gave way”, coming in 11th/last place…then again for Keen on August 31 where he again came in last, this time in a ten horse field. In November, he was with a new trainer…on 11-25, he ran in a 30K AOC…and in his next race on January 7, 2014, he was dropped into a 10K claiming race and was claimed. On February 8, he fell/DNF. ARE THE KEENS OF REMEMBER ME RESCUE, AND EMPLOYED BY THE RACING INDUSTRY, LOOKING OUT FOR ONE OF THEIR FORMER RUNNERS?
    Gina’s Kitten, 3 year old Dale Romans-trained filly, 5 starts, pulled up and vanned off.
    The Sizzling Cartel, 4 year old gelding with 17 starts for 33K in earnings, came in first in his 2-9-14 race and bled.
    Big Swiss, 10 year old gelding, 58 starts for 65K. This guy has labored for years…in his very first race at Santa Anita on 1-28-07, as a 3 year old, he was eased in the stretch, coming in over 48 lengths behind. On 10-11-08, in a 4K claiming race, he bled, was pulled up, and was vanned off. Now THIRTY NINE RACES LATER, in a $2500 claiming race, this 10 year old guy “went wrong”, was “eased entering the stretch”, and was “vanned off”.
    Junie’s Girl, 4 year old filly, raced only 13 days prior to her race on 2-9-14….where she “stopped suddenly while in obvious distress and was vanned off”. She had only 4 starts.
    Borderland Blues, 5 year old mare. She has had 4 starts. Her first start, on 4-14-13 she “was taken up shortly after the break and was vanned off”. Her next (and second) race was 12-13-13, where she “passed tiring foes after trailing the field from outset”, placing 6th. On 1-18-14, 3rd start, she finished second. Then on 2-9-14, her 4th start, she clipped heels, unseated her rider, and was vanned off. FOUR RACES, TWO DNF’s, VANNED OFF TWICE IN FOUR RACES.
    Franderella, 5 year old mare with 13 starts for 28K. Pulled up and vanned off.

    Older horses and babies not truly yet 3 years old…former stakes winners and always just the “cheap claimers”…those laboring for years and those just beginning…horses bred by racing royalty and horses bred by “backyard breeders”…runners once trained by so-called “equine advocates”, now dropping lower and lower in the claiming ranks…racing does not discriminate. Day after day, it maims and destroys.

  3. I have privately messaged Donna Keen, and I have texted her, as to Malibu Affair needing help now! I haven’t heard back. I also have a message into a Beulah Park racing official concerning Good Family. It is well known that Charles Lawson sells his non-winners to Mark Bliss. Bliss is a horse dealer/trader and some of his horses end up at the auctions that are frequented by kill buyers. I have been told that Lawson is aware that some of his horses go to slaughter.

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