3 Dead in Australia

Three more racehorses perished on Australian tracks today:

3-year-old Bit of a Bash in the 3rd race at Benalla
7-year-old Little Pablo after the 4th race at Benalla
6-year-old Jhelum prior to the 7th race at Sunshine Coast

Bit of a Bash dying…

photo credit: Racing Network
photo credit: Racing Network

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses reports the 2014 Australian Death Toll at 17.

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  1. The horseracing industry literally has license to kill! 17 horses killed in 2014?…that is a horse killed EVERY OTHER DAY!

  2. Oh well, one down but the race must go on. What a sick “sport” is that ? This has to come to an end. This is not civilized behavior, period.

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