The following racehorses broke down this week:

Royal Affair, Wednesday, Beulah, race 1

The following racehorses, unless otherwise noted, were vanned off this week:

Nicholas Cajun, Monday, Turf, race 4

Also, two more horses perished in NY: Yesterday, 2-year-old Valar Dohaeris (owner, Weatherwatch Farm) broke his leg while training at Belmont and was killed on-track. In his last race on January 2nd, Valar Dohaeris finished 9th (of 10), 19 3/4 lengths back. His trainer, Bruce Levine, also lost Discreet Code at Belmont in September. On Tuesday, an unnamed colt trained by Chandradat Goberdhan died at Aqueduct. This is Goberdhan’s second death there in six weeks (Frau Louise in December). NY’s 2014 Death Toll: 9.

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  1. So much for the all the hoopla re the task force work following all the deaths at Aqueduct in 20012. That whole inquiry was a sham and nothing good came out of it. NYRA should be ashamed but of course they are not alone. Once again, or should I say as always, the horses continue to suffer at the hands of these less than stellar trainers and the shady racing business as a whole.

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