Dixie Sparkle, Weis Star Dead in NY

Two more NY racehorses have died while in servitude: At Aqueduct on Sunday (7th race), 3-year-old Dixie Sparkle “tossed her head to the right just as the field was being sent on its way, making solid contact with the gate…galloped along at the back of the pack, with the pilot [Charles Lopez] only applying the lightest of hand encouragement, broke down in the vicinity of the three-eighths pole, falling heavily and unseating the rider, then was euthanized.” This was the filly’s first race under Gary Gullo (Carpe Diem Stable), having been claimed on January 4th for $12,500.

Last Wednesday, 2-year-old Weis Star, who had yet to run a race, was “injured in [her] stall” at Belmont, “fractured [her] LH P1,” and subsequently killed. No word on how she became injured. NY’s 2014 Death Toll: 7.



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  1. Dixie Sparkle…reading what happened to her is heart wrenching. It is horribly sad and incredibly infuriating at the same time. So she made “solid contact” with the gate AND broke down, “falling heavily”, then requiring euthanasia…so we can rightly assume her slamming into the gate then catastrophically breaking down were related. It would be quite the coincidence if all that she endured in this single race were “just unfortunate accidentS”…accidentS. So to the racing enthusiasts, I ask you this; Dixie Sparkle continued to run (the jockey asking of her to continue, regardless of how “lightly”, is another matter of abuse)…so she was running because she just loved it, right?

    These two babies…3 y/o Dixie Sparkle and TWO year old Weis Star, abused and killed for the entertainment of fans and bettors….and for “business” and the hobbies of their connections. How the hell do you people sleep at night?

  2. Those “incidents” are just horrific, 2 “babies” (in regard to their age and development) killed, one forced to run (althoug only being “lightly” asked to run) after sustaining an injury (“solid contact”) … where are the track vets? Makes ME miss my sleep just imagining what she had suffered … ruthless owner, track, and jockey !!!

    two more RIPs … so sad

  3. Joy, they sleep likes babies because Dixie Sparkle is forgotten about very quickly. There is another race tomorrow and the day after. When will the atrocities stop?….when people stop betting on horseracing. Horseracing needs to die just like Dixie Sparkle died.

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