Jan 13th-Jan 19th: 29 Horses Down

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

Wishingonastar, Aqueduct, race 7

Bounce Twice, Beulah, race 3
Mystery Taste, Beulah, race 7 (confirmed dead)
Western Pine, Sunland, race 7
La Capitana, Turf, race 4

Mr Oz, Tampa Bay, race 2
Amy H, Tampa Bay, race 4

Past Glory, Charles Town, race 8 (broke down)
One Fine Yank, Delta, race 1
Tiz Tee Time, Oaklawn, race 8
The Mikester, Penn National, race 1 (confirmed dead)
Miss Aisle Band, Penn National, race 8

Surfer Dave, Turf, race 7
Wolfgang, Turf, race 8
Sporting Gent, Turfway, race 1

Actin Lucky, Charles Town, race 7 (broke down)
Diplomatic Gal, Charles Town, race 7 (broke down)
More Nuggets, Hialeah, race 3 (broke down)
Trick the Queen, Laurel, race 5 (broke down)
Longevity, Oaklawn, race 3 (broke down)
Esquel, Parx, race 4 (not vanned but “stumbled badly and fell leaving the gate”)
A Boy Named Em, Penn National, race 4
Made Strong, Sunland, race 3
Wealth Transfer, Sunland, race 6

Classic Harbor, Golden Gate, race 9
Running Out of Time, Sunland, race 1
Ha Dee, Sunland, race 3
Sizzling Dot, Sunland, race 3 (not vanned but “returned sore”)
Cash At the Line, Sunland, race 5

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  1. I’ve read each name and thought about how every one of these horses – from birth – were put on a path of ultimate destruction. So very few will make it out of racing with the potential to live a full, totally sound life. Because in addition to the slaughtered, the fatal breakdowns, the injuries requiring euthanasia, there are those that will live a life shackled by their nagging infirmities. My heart breaks for every one…thank you HW for naming even some of racing casualties.

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