5 Break Down Saturday

The following horses broke down on American racetracks yesterday. All, most likely dead.

5-year-old mare Actin Lucky, Charles Town race 7 (trainer Henry Worcester IV, owner Worcester Investments)

4-year-old mare Diplomatic Gal, Charles Town race 7 (trainer Walter Shauf, owner Cecil Clugston)

6-year-old mare More Nuggets, Hialeah Park race 3 (trainer/owner Patrick Sanchez)

4-year-old mare Trick the Queen, Laurel Park race 5 (trainer Juan Vazquez, owners Rey Wan Racing and Armando Cosme)

3-year-old gelding Longevity, Oaklawn Park race 3 (trainer John Haran, owner Haran Thoroughbreds)

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  1. And then there was all the hoopla re the Eclipse awards. Just shows what a phony egotistical lot make up the “crème de la crème” of this business.
    So sorry for all the horses that were made to suffer at the tracks on Saturday.

  2. To these 4 mares and 1 gelding, I am so sorry for your suffering! This must stop!…will it ever? I’ve had recent “conversations” with some folks in the racing industry who also claim the welfare of their racehorses is a priority. I tell you, it’s like beating your head against a brick wall….you get nowhere, they don’t get it. I think they don’t WANT to get it. But I really believe their value system is different…they simply don’t value the horse for what he/she is. They see only dollar signs. No amount of education will change people that view animals that way.

    To these precious five horses, it would have been better for each of you if you had never been born…that is tragic. I am so very sorry.

  3. “No amount of education will change people that view animals that way “.. you are right in your assessment. It is a callous attitude because of an inability to understand, or more likely care, how much a creature can suffer physically and emotionally. It has to be some kind of brain malfunction or pathology because empathy and concern for suffering of living beings is what makes us human.

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