Go Canes Go, Shertzer Dead at Belmont

Go Canes Go, a 3-year-old gelding who could not finish his last race on December 29th (and came in second-to-last, 15 1/2 lengths back the start before that), broke his leg yesterday while breezing at Belmont and was killed on-track. He was trained by David Cannizzo and owned by ZRJ Stables.

Also at Belmont yesterday, 5-year-old Shertzer, trained by Robert Barbara and owned by Vincent Scalcione, died from an infected leg. NY’s 2014 Death Toll: 5.

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  1. Looks like the start of another banner year for NY racing and, of course racing in general. Nothing is done in terms of protecting these athletes.
    For instance no rules regarding time between races and other issues of safety. As an example, a 3 yr. old filly, ( not 3 until April !) Alpaca Fina, claimed in her maiden start on 9/20, has started 5 times since 10/27. That works out to a start every 14 days, approximately. As well as pushing this developing horse, she is receiving Lasix which is also detrimental to bone development. This is wrong.
    Who is looking out for these horses ?

    • No one, Rose, is looking out for these horses. However, the trainers are looking out for their wallets. It simply will never end until people stop gambling on racing.

  2. Go Canes Go, Shertzer…your deaths did not go unnoticed. Although the racing industry could care LESS that your lives were snuffed out, we do. You will not be forgotten.

    Cannizzo and ZRJ Stables, you KILLED that 3-year-old gelding. How do you sleep at night!

    • They sleep like babies, Joy, they sleep like babies. There are hundreds more horses to destroy and money to be made. These dead beats need to keep moving. Even more troubling is why do the “hot shots” in racing put up with these atrocities? Perhaps they are living in the enchanted forest but I do believe it is fair to say that they don’t give a damn because, if they did, they would be outraged and would demand change.

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