Death in the Delta Night, Twice Over

Two horses were killed last night at Delta Downs. In the 1st race, a maiden claiming, 2-year-old Casey Lynn “took a bad step mid stretch.” Dead before her third birthday. (Racing advances all ages on January 1st, but Casey Lynn wouldn’t have turned three till April.) In her last start (Louisiana Downs in September), Casey Lynn finished 10th, 22 1/2 lengths back. Perhaps trainer Joe Duhon should have known something. Perhaps he did. And the same for her owner, the sadly ironic Dream Walkin Farms.

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Later in the Delta night, 3-year-old Battle Silk, another filly, went down in the 9th race. She was trained by Billy Allen and owned by Raymond McFarlin. The replays reveal little – Casey Lynn dumped her rider late, while Battle Silk pulled up early. This is horseracing.

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  1. I despise racing more with each passing day. When will the insanity stop? When humans stop gambling on these horses’ lives.

  2. As I said before, the show “Luck” got really bad publicity because 3 horses died during production. People were outraged. Yet, there is no concern about what goes on at the tracks all over the country on a daily basis !

    • It makes absolutely no sense, does it Rose! Except for that racing is a multi-billion gambling industry….there are a great number of folks whose bank accounts benefit greatly from the monies being made off the horses’ backs. Loads of money, lots of power amongst the big wigs in racing…the voiceless horses don’t stand a chance of any of them putting the horses’ welfare before their own pocketbooks.

  3. Yes Joy you are right. And I suppose we might be even mildly surprised if the web of “support” for the status quo were to be unraveled and we could see the flow of the monies made on the addiction of gambling. It would also shed more light on the powerful push for slaughter.

    It is shameful what is going on. Also, the lack of protection for these athletes and the abuse of these voiceless victims says nothing good about our society and our humanity.

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