NY, 2013: 122 Dead Racehorses

122 racehorses lost their lives at NYS tracks in 2013. 122 intelligent, sensitive beings sacrificed for $2 bets. The breakdown: 40 dead at Finger Lakes; 38 dead at Belmont; 23 dead at Aqueduct; 9 dead at Saratoga; 4 dead at Monticello; 2 dead at Buffalo; 2 dead at Saratoga Gaming; 2 dead at Vernon; 1 dead at Tioga; 1 dead at Yonkers. For shame, NY.


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  1. I just don’t know what to say anymore except that it’s just another year in racing.

  2. Yet, The LA Times in the entertainment section on 15 March 2012 has the following statement : HBO has pulled the plug on it’s gambling drama, “Luck” after controversy erupted over the deaths of 3 horses during production. Also, the article had the following statement : “The the modern American public won’t stand for the deaths of animals in a spectacle”.
    So how does racing get away with deaths day after day. The people are mostly unaware.

  3. I wrote to Governor Cuomo re the fact that there are no rules concerning time between races. I was tempted to write to the NYRA but decided it would be a waste of time since they already know that and they are just interested in filling races …keep ’em running !! I suggested , in my correspondence to the Gov. that running horses with 5 days between races contributes to the high numbers of breakdowns.
    Coronate, trained by Jacobson, brokedown at Aqueduct and had just 5 days between her last 2 races.
    So far all I got was the standard acknowledgement.

  4. Oh my God I often wondered about what really goes on, which I never trusted horse betting, or any other function that makes money at the expense of gods creatures. This is not surprising, but appalling just the same.


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