Dec 30th-Jan 5th: 28 Horses Down

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

Kuro, Turf, race 2 (“broke down”)
Sevenytwo, Turfway, race 2

Cindykat, Fair Grounds, race 10 (“went wrong early”)

Holy Simone, Delta, race 9
Aunt Meanie, Fair Grounds, race 9 (“broke down”)
Lexis Hero, Parx, race 5 (not vanned but bled, DNF)
Leavin Here, Parx, race 7 (“pulled up in distress”)
Ezinmotion, Portland, race 7 (“went wrong”)
Ben’s Starry Night, Portland, race 10
Trando’s Tremor, Santa Anita, race 4
Time for Alex, Turfway, race 7

Uncle Smokey, Aqueduct, race 7 (confirmed dead)
Beyond Midnight, Laurel, race 7
Shand, Santa Anita, race 8 (“broke down”)
Buckel Bunny, Sunland, race 3 (“returned sore”)

Music and Me, Santa Anita, race 4
Behind the Bossman, Turf, race 2

Sassy Cherokee, Charles Town, race 1 (“broke down”)
Madelyns Itsybitsy, Fair Grounds, race 2 (“in distress after pulling up”)
Classic Ford, Fair Grounds, race 10 (“broke down”)
Shimmering Star, Golden Gate, race 1
Side Street, Gulfstream, race 3 (confirmed dead)
Shinelajollawarrior, Hialeah, race 5 (not vanned but bled)
Chicks Luv Roses, Sunland, race 2

Yankee Romance, Los Alamitos, race 4
Chatterboxsecret, Los Alamitos, race 5
Hye I’m Jack, Santa Anita, race 7
Baran’s Prospect, Tampa Bay, race 3

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  1. Twenty eight casualties in 5 days and who is watching ? The only way this will stop is for racing to stop !

    • Rose, good question. It certainly isn’t the racing industry, sad to say. There is a way to stop this and it is really quite easy. Stop betting on the horses and racing would die a quick death.

  2. I wonder how the guys who make their living riding these beautiful athletes feel about your site of dread. Let’s here from them, although they are kind if superstitious and probably think you would jinx them.

    • And I’m assuming we’re talking about the same O’Neill – Doug – that raced I’ll Have Another? The same O’Neill that withdrew IHA just before the Belmont due to, according to O’Neill, a “freakish” tendon injury? The same O’Neill that had radiographs done on IHA during his TC run that showed the 3y/o colt was already suffering from osteoarthritis? The same O’Neill that had the colt injected with pain meds between the Preakness and Belmont? So IHA was not only already plagued with injuries according to his vet records, he ALSO suffered the “freakish” tendon injury JUST before the Belmont? Yea, I’d really take what Doug O’Neill says to the bank….or is this another O’Neill?…no need to respond, I can check Equibase myself. Laughable.

  3. Well sure enough, Dorothy Freberger, it’s the SAME Doug O’Neill. The same DON that dropped Burna Dette into a 2k claimer only 6 weeks after she was purchased for 25k…the 2K claimer where the 5 y/o mare struggled then broke down and was euthanized. The same DON who, according to a NYT study, has THIS shameful record; his horses break down at more than twice the rate of any other trainer. The same DON with multiple milk-shaking violations, yet he claims he doesn’t even know what a milkshake is. Wow. DON states Hye I’m Jack is fine?…again I say, laughable. DON might be a media darling, but the bull**** just rolls off his tongue and folks are catching on.

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