Mia Missile Dead at Aqueduct

The 2-year-old filly Mia Missile, initially listed as vanned off (“fell heavily”) after Saturday’s 4th race at Aqueduct, is indeed dead, euthanized on the track after fracturing her humerus. She was ridden by Angel Arroyo, trained by Laura Perillo, and owned by Midwest Thoroughbreds.

In the first replay (Race Replays, Saturday, Race 4), Mia Missile’s #6 icon disappears off screen in the stretch, with no sign of the fallen horse. But during a subsequent showing, the equine child can be seen collapsing in a heap (around the 3:50 mark). Of course, not a single mention of her broken, dying body from the track announcer. This is horseracing.

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  1. Of course not a mention and they get away with it. The cover up and deception are just some more attributes of this “sport”!

  2. Reading the footnotes for the race where Mia Missile suffered her deadly injury is a keyhole look into the brutal “sport” that is horseracing. These equine babies – 2 y/o fillies, mind you – are stumbling out of the gate, bumping into each other, all the while doing their best to keep their feet and straighten out, whipped to split horses…and then the little Mia Missile, after being bumped herself crashes to the dirt. She dies. In only her second race. Mia Missile earned 12K for her connections, yet she earned nothing but a brutal, premature death for herself.
    WHO can support this?!?

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