Coronate Dead at Aqueduct

Running in a maiden claiming race yesterday at Aqueduct, 3-year-old Coronate suffered the following calamity: “Coronate unseated his rider after the finish of the race and ran loose through the harrow yard and then jumped the rail leading to the main track and fell over the rail. Coronate was euthanized on the main track.” The colt was ridden by David Cohen, and trained and owned by David Jacobson.

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  1. And the trainer, Jacobson is set for a win record at Aqueduct. This is the first I’ve heard about the death of his horse. These people do not care a hang about the horse. I hope they test this horse to see what was in his system.
    RIP Coronate. You should not have died this way.

    • Yes of course the “world’s greatest sport” and lets ignore the cheating, drugging, and downright abuse of the horse. The real fools are those who ignore the “writing on the wall” !

    • Jim, you obviously support an industry that tolerates, or perhaps even embraces, drugging horses, racing them with injuries, and handing them off for slaughter. Do you understand the title of this blog – Horseracing Wrongs? Obviously not! Sport of Kings? No, racing is a gambling sport where money is king and the horses are the victims.

    • educate yourself, then call it the greatest “sport” by the way, how much do YOU owe your bookie ??

  2. to “Jim”…Jim, there are many days that I wish I DIDN’T have a “life” in the context I believe you are so caustically accusing. My busy life – my profession in which I practice, my family, my small farm with my beloved rescued horses from the track – ALL of it takes time, precious time that could be used to advocate for and help the horses in what you call the “world’s greatest sport”. No “great sport” that I know of would so recklessly and callously maim and discard of their “athletes”. Who is the fool?

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