Driven by Solar, Two Others Dead in NY

7-year-old Driven by Solar was killed at Aqueduct yesterday after fracturing a leg in the 8th race. He was ridden by Manuel Franco, trained by John Toscano Jr, and owned by Joseph Forrest.

Also at Aqueduct, while training this past Saturday, Frau Louise was impaled on a rail after breaking from the gate. Impaled. And finally, Bailey’s Dilemma died at Belmont on Sunday from pleuropneumonia. These three bring NY’s 2013 dead-racehorse total to 119.

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  1. Frau Louise is a 14 y/o broodmare. It is believed that the impaled horse was a foal of hers and was an unnamed 2 year old. This is even sadder, I think, a baby. Thank you for all you are doing to protect and save these horses!

      • Sadly, no one has bothered to confirm who this poor horse was and I agree with Rose Smith that this is ignored for the most part; however, thanks to places like this and other sites, more of the horrors on the race track are getting out to the public and, hopefully, this will lead to changes in the sport or doing away with the sport. If the industry cannot fix the awful things that happen to horses, I have no problem with the sport going away completely. It will be the industry’s fault if and when that happens. It is just not acceptable in society to drug and race horses to death. Times have changed. Just clean it up or get rid of it. Again, thank you for your part in looking out for these beautiful horses with their giant hearts who do nothing but try to please their people and often pay with their lives.

  2. All this is essentially ignored. There is a lot of abuse and downright criminal behavior that goes unchecked. This is so bad for society. Perhaps someday people will wake up and the question will be “how did this happen” !

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