Dina’s Touch Dead at Penn National

Nasib Rahim-trained Dina’s Touch was killed in the 7th race at Penn National last night. She was six. The mare was ridden by Santos Noe Chavez and owned by Rudy Davidson, who, by the way, had her for sale at $5,000 prior to the race.

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  1. Dina’s Touch had her first race November 1…this year…as a 6-year-old. Makes one wonder, where in this industry it is “expected” of horses to start at the tender age of 2, what was going on in this mare’s life to have her first start come at nearly the age of seven.

    Dina’s Touch ran her second race on November 29, where she “stopped outside” and came in over 25 lengths behind. She ran against the 3-year-old Lucky Guess in that race…the race where the filly Lucky Guess broke down and was killed.

    And now the Kentucky-bred Midas Eyes mare Dina’s Touch is dead…after only 3 races, and after earning $330…she gave her LIFE for a lousy $330.

    RIP Dina’s Touch.

    • Yes , to have her first start at almost 7, is very strange. It would be very interesting to know her history. Penn National needs to close.

    • For you inform Rudey took his time with Dina’s Touch ago with all his other horses that is why she started at a late age in racing. What I understand there was ice underneath the sand which she slipped and broke her neck. Dina was not just a race horse she was a pet to him and she was very spoiled, he also cooked mash for his horses and she would go crazy when she seen the bucket being carried in the barn. If you want to attack anybody go after the race tracks because the trainers and riders depend on them to make sure the track is safe and for Rudey he never knew and lost his sweet girl.

      • Patricia, we all mourn the death of Dina’s Touch. However, it was her owner that decided to race her the day she died in the dirt. Penn is a low level track and our hearts go out to all the horses that are forced to raced there. It is touching that she was given wonderful mashes and looked forward to that when she saw the bucket. With that being said, this wonderful horse died because of horse racing. The tasty mashes do NOT negate, in any way, what happened to her. May racing die a quick death. It can’t come soon enough for me. RIP sweet Dina….

      • Patricia, I have a question for you. Why doesn’t Dina’s owner go after the race track? Why should we, who are anti-racing, go after the track that destroyed Rudey’s horse? Tell Rudey to put on his big boy pants and hold Penn accountable.

      • Patricia, I have spent a lot of time on the backside of a low level track here in central Ohio. There is one way to stop the “crooked” tracks. Stop gambling on the horses. Racing would then die a quick death. End of story!

  2. The tragic death of Dina’s Touch at Penn National has just inflamed my already overwhelming disgust of this track. A couple more horses to watch at that track are Locomotion Louie and Great Gator….oh and that being said, they ALL need watching over.

    Locomotion Louie just ran again at Penn last night. In his last two races, approximately 3 weeks apart, this 4-year-old gelding came in 10th place. 28 starts, 2-2-1 for 36K.

    Great Gator, a 5-year-old maiden gelding. 24 starts, 0-1-1 for earnings of 8K. 2 DNF’s THIS year, both at Penn. Runs at Penn, CT, and Parx. Running at CT tomorrow…a 5K claimer with an 11K purse…why wouldn’t an unscrupulous owner/trainer take a chance that this gelding get a check with such inflated purse money?

    • So many to watch, Joy, and so many that have disappeared including Mojave Hawk and Wild Charm. It will never end until racing dies. It can’t come soon enough for me.

      • To Mary Johnson,
        It is hard plus it is crooked and I have tried since the 80’s there is so much you don’t know about the racing and you need to work on the back side to really see what is going on and I can tell you thing, there are a lot of good trainers, owners and riders and you have the bad one but the worse of them all is the one that fix the races and talking about it can get you hurts. The horse racing world is not all cruel and one thing Rudey thought me was take your time with horses and don’t run them till there bones are developed and that is why Dina started late, she was done growing at the age of 4. I am not for sure what will go on and I hope they will do something but that takes money which I know he does not have. Santos is still recovering which I know he is hurting cause he also love her. The only thing I can tell you, if you want to bust them, then work on the track its the only way.

  3. To Patrick J Battuello,
    If you don’t know how she was brought up, keep your mouth shut Because I know for a fact she was NEVER abused. So go to hades…

    • Patricia, some trainers and owners are better than others and do truly care for their horses. But racehorses exist for one reason and one reason only: to make money for their connections. That’s exploitation, and abuse is inherent in exploitation. And I will not keep my mouth shut. The horses need our voices.

  4. I noticed Davidson didn’t get trainers licence this year but won with another ‘late starter’
    not that long ago, Delicat Notice. She was bred by W.S. Farish no rookie in the game.
    Penn National I think will always suck even more so than the regular bottom feeders.
    Very soon more Ontario bred will enter Penn races from Beattie trainers.
    At least one of the usual suspects S.Webb is on vacation courtesy of the FBI.
    Another TB I like with questionable future is a filly Just Like Boo in Finger Lakes now.
    I brought her in barn from paddock occasionally when she was a yearling.
    Too many horses to follow, so many in bad hands.
    Also, I agree with above comment about Great Gator. He needs a home.
    There’s a ton of Unqualified and/or uncaring self serving trainers collecting
    hefty day rates off owners and its just completely normal in this industry.
    Sad watching 2 year olds on harsh December (bitter cold) track at Woodbine going1/16 miles.
    Can’t imagine how they felt. Next year at this time, where will they be, maybe at Penn but I sure hope not. RIP Dina

  5. Locomotion Louie a vet scratch yesterday at Penn National…8 days after his 10th place finish. These trainers see absolutely nothing but dollar signs when they look at their horses. They like to claim they are “horsemen”, yet they cannot see their horse is not fit to race?…the VET needs to point it out to them? This particular trainer claims (in “discussions” about the wrongs of horse racing) that racing is a great “sport” and the horses receive great care. What a disgusting lie.

    • Joy, these horses are raced with the “hope” that they might hit the board irregardless if they are fit to race or not. Horses loaded with drugs racing for their lives. Yes, these despicable trainers call themselves “horsemen” and “horsewomen”. Nothing could be further from the truth. The lies come fast and furious in racing!

  6. Money and money alone drives this. It is so tiresome to hear the “defenders” of this animal cruelty that is “tolerated” to a shameful degree. There is no excuse to use an animal in this way, none. These people are not horsemen, they are exploiters of the voiceless for money.
    It is a “shady business” built on gambling, exploitation, and cheating. Unfortunately the horses are the losers in all this.

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