Two Horses Dead at Beulah; Rest of Card Canceled

Two horses – 2-year-old Arbuckle Road and 8-year-old Shoe Freak Marlene – forced to run on a snowy, slippery track at Beulah yesterday broke down and are, according to a source there, dead. Apparently, Shoe Freak Marlene “snapped his leg off.” Curiously, Equibase had the conditions as clear and fast for both races, yet after the 5th (when SFM went down) it reports, “Due to track conditions the remainder of the card was cancelled.” Arbuckle Road was ridden by Megan Fadlovich, and trained and owned by Ivan Vazquez (with Tim Holt). Shoe Freak Marlene was ridden by Rodrigo Vergara, and trained and owned by Charles Lawson.

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  1. This is personal for me because I have helped many horses at Beulah. I have now turned on the racing industry with a renewed vengeance. It would be best for the racing enthusiasts to keep their mouths closed on these breakdowns because I am in no mood to hear how devastated their owners must be and how these horses were like “family”. I can’t tolerate lies right now.

  2. Sounds like the track was not fit for racing. Run ’em at any cost. Nobody cares about the danger for rider and horse. Money trumps all in this business. Disgraceful !

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