Two Horses Die in Same Race at Monticello

This afternoon at snowy Monticello Raceway, two Standardbreds suffered fatal breakdowns in the 8th race. Benns Superman, driven by Jim Marohn Jr and trained by Rob Harmon, “choked up at stretch, fractured left front leg, [was] ambulanced off [and] euthanized”; Cosmic QI, driven by Bruce Aldrich Jr and trained by Michael Temming, “choked down and fell in infield and died.”

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  1. Yes, atrocities occur in Standardbred racing, too. A woman, who has been involved in harness racing for years, told me that they inject their horses all the time to “keep them going”. What a sad state of affairs.

  2. you guys get a fucking life plz , those horses are threated better than any of you bastard should ever be !!! instead of scrooling up and down sites to find a reason to bash at everything , go out and find a job !!!

    • This site is Horseracing Wrongs. Too bad you can’t handle hearing what’s wrong.
      You did manage to spell “fucking” correctly though.
      Of course- Benns Superman and Cosmis QI were treated well!

    • Yes, I had a job for 25 yrs and it entailed defending your right to open your mouth and make a fool of yourself !!!

      • By the way, Rose, “Jo Cote” left another comment that I had to delete for containing what is arguably the worst of vulgar insults. Says all we need to know about her (him).

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