Dec 2nd-Dec 8th: 30 Horses Down

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks last week.

6-year-old Believeinyoursong, Beulah, race 8
4-year-old Iron Choo Choo, Turf, race 7
6-year-old Whata Wild Woody, Zia, race 1
4-year-old Foundaflyer, Zia, race 1

3-year-old Dixie Lake, Beulah, race 1 (“broke down”)
7-year-old Lil Dale (46th start), Charles Town, race 7

4-year-old Moonovermanhattan, Charles Town, race 2 (“pulled up lame”)
5-year-old Tame the Lion, Delta, race 8 (“fell suddenly”)
4-year-old Light Kiss, Hawthorne, race 6

2-year-old Lander Road, Charles Town, race 1
3-year-old Mi Cinco D Mayo, Charles Town, race 4 (not vanned but “returned bleeding”)
2-year-old Andrew’s Rose (1st start), Delta, race 3 (not vanned but “returned bleeding”)
6-year-old Blues Heir (45th start), Laurel, race 9 (“broke down”)

3-year-old Rocky Barboa, Hollywood, race 1 (“broke down”)
5-year-old Black Magic Man, Hollywood, race 3
3-year-old E Sveikata, Calder, race 5 (“broke down,” 2 DNFs in last 3 starts)
3-year-old Sterling’s Warrior, Charles Town, race 2 (“broke down”)
2-year-old Derailer, Delta, race 9
5-year-old My Lovers Eyes, Finger Lakes, race 2 (confirmed dead)
4-year-old Winter’s Coming, Gulfstream, race 7
8-year-old Classic Recital, Hawthorne, race 2
4-year-old I Lead U Follow, Los Alamitos, race 2
3-year-old Sky Slider, Sunland, race 8

3-year-old Lrs Last Patriot, Evangeline, race 5 (confirmed dead)
2-year-old Respectful Wishes, Laurel, race 4 (“pulled up lame”)

2-year-old Coco Noir, Hollywood, race 1
3-year-old Cat Five Hurricane, Gulfstream, race 4
5-year-old Brushfirefairytale, Mountaineer, race 1 (not vanned off but “bled”)
4-year-old Full Sail Ahead, Parx, race 2 (confirmed dead)
3-year-old Colour Portrait, Parx, race 4 (confirmed dead)

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  1. “3-year-old E Sveikata, Calder, race 5 (“broke down,” 2 DNFs in last 3 starts)” This owner/trainer should be charged with animal abuse.


    • AGREED!!…but it will never happen…breakdowns and deaths are just a “sad part of the game” as we so often need to hear racing supporters exclaim!

  2. Sounds like GMOs are kicking in. Nothing good in the grains they are being given. It is like putting sugar in the gas tank of a car. How can they run on poison?

  3. the number of foals dumped each year is also a concern. Too many mares are bred with the resulting “product” being more expensive to keep alive than to just sell off to slaughter.

    • Yes, Jane Ryan!…thank you for addressing that, as well! Those babies don’t even get a CHANCE…it is not only heartbreaking, it is unbelievable in this so-called “civilized” nation of ours. And then, what about the foals born to the nurse mares?…also, looked at as just a “product” and disposed of. SO many inhumane issues in the racing industry.

      • Racing’s dirty little secrets ! Where is the outrage in our country. Are we so egocentric that we can’t see beyond our smart phones and all our other time consuming toys. It seems we are becoming more callous and jaded as a society and that is a dangerous trend.

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