Lrs Last Patriot Destroyed at Evangeline

After finishing second in the 5th race at Evangeline last night, 3-year-old Lrs Last Patriot “fell after [the] wire” and was killed. He was ridden by Danny Lavergne, trained by Edwin Ladner, and owned by Judith Ladner. Yet another pubescent equine sacrificed for $2 bets. This is horseracing.

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  1. And the beat goes on and on and on. Those that support this horrific “sport” are part of the problem.

    • At the very least, night racing should be banned. Also, I suppose the “authorities” at the venerable Evangeline Downs and Casinos will have an inquiry into what happened to this horse in terms of vet. records and of course drugs administered !! Or is it the proverbial “bad step” scenario !! It really is outrageous what is going on in the “business”.
      I do not foresee any change in terms of the gamblers who support this ugly “sport” walking away because most of them are somewhat addicted and betting is what they care about, period ! They need to see it as a bad bet for them to but their money elsewhere.

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