My Lovers Eyes Killed at Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack logged 2013 victim number 40 yesterday when 5-year-old My Lovers Eyes “broke [his] right knee while switching leads [and was] euthanized on track” (curiously, Equibase had him as pulled up and vanned off). The gelding was ridden by David Lopez, trained by Michael Ferraro, and owned by the Peters family. Since NY is still the only state to disclose deaths as they happen, one wonders how many of the other nine horses vanned off American tracks Friday are already dead.

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  1. You don’t even mention other interesting parts of this horse’s career. His first start as a 5 year old in October. Has only made 3 starts in lifetime starting as a 5 year old, the 3rd start being fatal.

  2. All states should have mandatory discloser rules for deaths. The situation just highlights how fragmented and dysfunctional racing is. It just depends in what state a horse breaks down whether the disposition of the horse is disclosed or not. What a sad joke is that ?

    And if My lover’s Eyes did not start racing until he was 5 it raises other questions. As we well know, most start as 2 years…not that they should !! Mr. Ferraro was the trainer ?!

    • Horse racing is absolutely a very dysfunctional industry. I can’t stand it when trainers are fined/suspended etc. in one location so they just apply or renew licences elsewhere, or run
      horses under different name. And for sure Rose, there’s a reason why this boy didn’t see any races until a 5yo.Training logs and Mandatory disclosure of all injuries and deaths should be public info.

  3. I guess that just goes to show that a five year old horse is still not grown up and its bones can’t handle the preassure either…

  4. Anytime animals are used for people’s entertainment it saddens me. Horse racing, dog racing, dog fighting, circus animals, sea world and zoos, motivation is driven by greed. Inevitably the animals always lose. They earn for people who run them into the ground and then the majority of the animals are disposed of, most often without any concern for their future safety. Sadly most of them die or are slaughtered. It all makes me sick. I have resuse horses that were pulled fr on kill sales and pit bull saved from dog fighting rings all were slated to die. The are Gods creatures who are in many ways superior to ninety percent of the human race! I hope someday people learn animals are not ours to use for sport or entertainment. When I was a teen my family raised Throughbreds. They would go off to the track as two year old babies and everyone of them came back home with injuries. Just pathetic ….

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