Three More Dead Racehorses

Power of Eleven, yet another ill-fated 2-year-old, broke down yesterday at Golden Gate Fields and was killed. The colt was ridden by Abel Cedillo, trained by Lloyd Mason, and owned and bred by Mason and Robert Jones.

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While “breezing” at Belmont Park on November 23rd, 3-year-old Stonely the Lonely pulled up and was destroyed on-track. Also at Belmont, 3-year-old Flight of Fantasy, who hadn’t raced since May, “suffered a fatal cardiovascular collapse at the 7/8 pole while galloping” on November 26th. Three more dead horses. This is horseracing.

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  1. Yes, sadly, this is horseracing. I was talking to a friend of mine a few days ago, and we were discussing the sad state of affairs in regards to this so called “sport”. I asked her if she had ever said a prayer when her children or grandchildren stepped onto the basketball court, soccer field, or baseball diamond when playing sports. Her answer was “NO”! My daughter plays tennis and I never worry about her injuring herself swinging the racket or hitting the tennis ball. However, even years ago when I “tolerated” racing, I always said a prayer that the horses would finish the race in once piece. Yes, I still prayer that all the horses will finish the race in one piece, but now I also pray that racing will eventually go down the tubes. There is a simple solution. Don’t gamble on horseracing and let this so called “sport” die a well deserved death.

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