Dashing Nic Dead at Evangeline

Dashing Nic, two, was killed after finishing 8th in last evening’s 5th race (his fourth career start) at Evangeline Downs. The gelding was ridden by David Alvarez, trained by Robert Touchet, and owned by Clark Wayne Stout. Later in the Evangeline night, Jess Spicey, yet another 2-year-old running for the fourth time, was vanned off after winning her race.

Equine veterinarian Kraig Kulikowski (statement to the New York State Humane Association):

“A two year old horse is the equivalent to a six year old human. Neither species is mentally or physically mature at this age. Asking a six year old human to be exploited as a professional athlete for economic gain would be considered inhumane. Exploiting juvenile horses for economic gain is equally inhumane. They are subject to permanent mental and physical trauma that, in too many cases, is catastrophic and even fatal.”

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  1. I am happy to see a vet be so frank and honest.
    RIP to the horses & thank you for another great post!

  2. A veterinarian that speaks the truth! Dashing Nic, there are no words to describe the tragic, senseless injury and death you suffered…RIP little one. Jess Spicey, my hope is you will get to leave this industry intact and find a place where you are loved for simply being who you are and not for what you can do.

  3. Thank you Kraig Kulikowski for your integrity and being true to what your profession is meant to be. I feel sad Dashing Nick’s time on earth was short and filled with stress and probably drugs too. But now, Dashing Nick, you will not suffer anymore.
    I’m afraid for Jess Spicey but maybe lady Luck will smile on her. I hope so.

  4. Totally unacceptable. Those in the know, can amend many of the problems within the industry, this Sport of Kings is fast approaching its sell by date if they do not clean up their act. Money will without doubt win for now, and I am referring to the betting industry that pays for the purses. In many respects the industry shares similar problems to factory farming ie the animals pay the ultimate price.

  5. Yes, just another example of an industry that is sinister and has no regard for the horses. Use them up and throw them away. A pro-racing enthusiast told me recently that she didn’t believe in racing two year olds and mentioned that I should concentrate on stopping that particular atrocity. Of course, that is a great suggestion, but the racing industry isn’t going to listen to me because I don’t put blood money into their coffers. Also, the industry won’t hold off on racing a two year old to allow the horse to continue to grow and develop. It is all about the money and a horse standing in its stall for a year while it matures is losing money for its owner. End of story.

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