Churchill Downs Cuts Back

This site is occasionally rebuked – by the racers, of course – for almost exclusively focusing on “bad news.” To which, I ask, have they read our “about” statement? In any event, I am not at all interested in hearing about kind, hard-working, or reform-minded horsemen. If they’re in racing, they’re exploiting animals for personal gain. Period.

Today, though, I do present some happier tidings – according to me, of course. From the Paulick Report (11/20/13): “As it engages ongoing competitive challenges that include gaming-enhanced purses at other racetracks and continued growth of casino competition in its home region, Churchill Downs Racetrack (‘CDRT’) has announced a reduction in purses that will affect four races scheduled during the eight days remaining in the 25-day Fall Meet that continues through Saturday, Nov. 30.”

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Two stakes races will have reduced purses, and two other races will be eliminated entirely. Now, is this a case of one state’s loss is another’s gain? Perhaps. But if the Indiana horse people are doing well, it is only through state largess – the racino structure funnels millions of unearned, non-racing, life-sustaining dollars into the hands of happy horsemen. This, the Kentucky people say, is exactly what we need. Irony, yet again: Currently, Indiana racing has an unfair advantage, but if Kentucky succeeds in securing its own subsidies, it too would have an unfair advantage – over other entertainment venues. For now, though, I choose to file less money, less racing at Churchill Downs in the “good news” department.

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  1. Absolutely glad to hear it, and if it went away completely, no hard feelings. Most people have no clue about the subsidies. As difficult as it is for the taxpayer to fork over income to support their local governments, add insult to injury when that very same money is sent to racetracks to fund the callous, cruel and abusive actions of greedy owners in order to make a young or compromised animal race.I think that if 80% of Americans are against horse slaughter, I am positive that the same 80% that are unknowingly paying a portion of their tax payments to fuel and fund “abuse central” for horses, you could “bet your bottom dollar” that if it became common knowledge,kiss this “sport” (if that is what you want to call it) goodbye. These same taxpayers have absolutely no clue this is where some of their tax money ends up. It would thrilled me beyond words to see racing either clean it up or disappear completely. This is pure greed at its finest using the backs of these noble animals (and the taxpayer) to profit off of their bones,

  2. I have refrained from commenting simply because it has shown that if someone comments against the grain there tends to be that many more comments in return. As in the one post where some of your favorites bullied some young lady that was just trying to get a word in edge wise. I guess it is right there in the first paragraph. Any good thoughts on racing are not welcome.

    I am sure everyone sees it different so spare me your views, they are all the same. I have noticed there are 3 to 5 people who do the lions share of commenting. Possibly even e-mailing one another to get their plans coordinated.

    It should really be stated that race trackers are not welcome, since the blogger doesn’t want to hear anything they have to say. What seems funny to me is in Patrick’s other blog “In behalf of the animals” the 3 to 5 aforementioned responders could be classified as the “Race Trackers” of the site. By stating that I am not sure but, I do not believe any of them are herbivores which is kind of like being a race trackers on this site.

    So Patrick how is it that you glorify some of these women when they are not conforming to, what I believe to be the core of each blog. Being NO animal should be exploited including meat animals. Especially meat animals.

    Some of your comments I believe have been “Thank you for responding”, “Very well said”, and such. When all the while they are very possibly egg eaters, milk drinkers, and certainly meat eaters. Do you lower your values (Which believe it or not I find your values admirable), or do you turn a blind eye just to appease the few faithful you have.

    The way I see it there is one of the crowd the other pay homage to and if you piss that one off the others may possibly leave and you will have the non existent following the other blog has. I have only noticed 2 comments on that one, one of which was mine.

    As I have said before I admire what you are doing, but how is it you have not called out your faithful on their dietary habits when they are buying, milk meat and eggs,which means they are clearly supporting the atrocities that are happening in they other blog. I am sure they are well aware the other blog exists but do not comment because, as i said before they are the “Race trackers” of that site, or they are, should I dare say hypocrites and turn a blind eye to the slaughter they monetarily support???

    • First, I am not interested in purity. It, in a fact that often escapes some vegans/activists (“vegan police”) is unattainable. But worse, holding to the notion of a moral high ground only serves to divide and marginalize. All that matters to me is ending animal exploitation. If you are working toward that, even if only one specific form, you’re with me. Support for this website tells me all I need to know about a person.

      I have found that people who cry “hypocrite” are simply afraid to examine their own ethics. Distract, deflect, divert. Attack the messenger because the message is too uncomfortable. It’s not that complicated.

      As for my other blog’s traffic, I am in the process of transferring from one site to another; most of the posts are reworkings of ones written over the past several years for the Times Union and Examiner. In any case, thank you for reading.

      • Good enough…. I am not afraid to examine my ethics, I know I am not “all good”. Matter of fact i am a lot of bad, but I BELIEVE I know where that is.

        What I have read about you,which I am sure it is just the tip of the iceberg, I can see you are devoted. I do feel others have different reasons. I would hope you see a small amount of logic in what I commented. I would think there is a large percentage of this blogs base are going to sit down to a turkey dinner, which headlines the other blog.

        In any event hope you have a great Thanksgiving…

  3. As far as I’m concerned this site is a place to track the abuses in horse racing and there is no shortage ! I reviewed entries for the 29th at Aqueduct and noticed the “pariah” trainers are out in force. They claim back and forth and they drug the horses. Everyone knows this but nothing is done. WHY ? God help the horses at their mercy in this fine
    “sport” with so many “good people” who care about the horses but just seem to stay silent. Silence gives consent, period.

    • Rose, yes, this is a site that brings to light the atrocities that occur in horseracing. I am a vegetarian and am moving towards becoming a vegan. However, with that being said, on this blog I am going to concentrate on what is wrong with racing. There are many other unethical issues in the world but this site focuses on horseracing. The title “Horseracing Wrongs” is a clue as to what is being discussed here.

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