Vanned Off, Killed at Aqueduct

The NYS Gaming Commission has announced that 5-year-old M P Joe, who was listed on this weekend’s ambulance report, was, in fact, euthanized after being vanned off Saturday at Aqueduct. Of the 12 NY horses vanned off since we began reporting on this a month ago, 6 died later in the barn. (Two other NY horses, Formulaforsuccess and Miss McKeown, died on-track, and one, Congaree King, though not vanned off at Finger Lakes on October 15th, “appeared lame after race” and was killed the next day.)

NY is still the only state to publicly disclose track deaths as they happen. Last week, 30 horses were vanned off in other states, their fates, as of now, unknown. But using the NY average, a reasonable guess is that 15 or so are gone. This is horseracing.

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  1. Too many fatalities happening. Let us get the field reduced and do something positive to stop all these deaths.

  2. There is a way to put an end to these deaths. Stop betting on the horses. Seems simple to me.

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