Nov 11-14: 15 Horses Down

The following, unless otherwise noted, were “vanned off” American tracks this week.

4-year-old Starship Sultry, Gulfstream, race 7 (“broke down”)
3-year-old The Man Himself, Parx, race 9 (confirmed dead)
4-year-old Double Java Girl, Turf Paradise, race 4

6-year-old Made the Cut, Beulah Park, race 5
5-year-old New York Gin, Beulah Park, race 5
4-year-old A Pache Rojo, Turf Paradise, race 4
2-year-old Quick to Hit, Zia, race 1

4-year-old Brown Eyed Nance, Aqueduct, race 8
3-year-old Bird County (after winning), Churchill Downs, race 10
3-year-old Drop On By (after winning), Evangeline, race 7
3-year-old Seeking Suki, Penn National, race 8
8-year-old Anotation, Turf Paradise, race 7

3-year-old Marywiththeblueyes, Aqueduct, race 1
2-year-old Tropic of Artie, Churchill Downs, race 6
3-year-old Prima Zip, Penn National, race 9 (“pulled up lame,” vanned off; also vanned off at Gulfstream in February)

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  1. Please tell me why I these athletes are not regulated like other athletes? Put their trainers to the test and make them own up to their wrongs. Does it really take an act of congress to make the track owners take the responsibility of their facilitys? Do none of the track owners have the balls to take the first step?

  2. I agree Jo-Anne…Penn National is a horrible place for a racehorse to land. When we were able to acquire Slade from there (see his story on Shedrow Secrets), even the track vet stated to me that Slade’s sad condition was not out of the ordinary for horses there. Now that is telling.

    • Maybe “denial” is a condition “suffered” by those involved in racing. At least it is one possible explanation for how they behave and what they say as well as the excuses used in defense of the indefensible . However, “denial” of such magnitude is at least pathological !

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